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Trivia Quiz - Seniors' Thoughts on Sex

As Baby Boomers age, society's attitude to airing opinions about previously taboo subjects has changed. Your task is to pick which sage seniors made each of the ten witty observations about seniors and matters sexual.

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Date Submitted: July 05, 2020
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Author: grant228
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Seniors Thoughts on Sex

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1. Which Greek writer said of his declining interest in women, "It was like being unchained from a maniac"?
  A.   Socrates
  B.   Aristotle
  C.   Plato
  D.   Sophocles

2. Which American wit said, "I'm getting old. When I squeeze into a tight parking spot, I'm sexually satisfied all day."?
  A.   David Letterman
  B.   Rodney Dangerfield
  C.   Bob Newhart
  D.   Don Rickles

3. Which US author opined, "When grandmothers today hear the word 'Chippendales' they don't necessarily think of chairs.?"
  A.   Maya Angelou
  B.   Harper Lee
  C.   Jean Kerr
  D.   Paerl S. Buck

4. Who said, "I think Viagara and the Pill are the two most important inventions of the 20th Century."?
  A.   Hugh Hefner
  B.   Jack Nicholson
  C.   Larry Flynt
  D.   George Carlin

5. Which British Prime Minister, when warned his fly buttons were undone, responded with, "No matter. The dead bird does not fall out of the nest."?
  A.   Neville Chamberlain
  B.   David Lloyd George
  C.   Winston Churchill
  D.   Clement Atlee

6. Which Hollywood star at the age of 72 said, "To succeed with the opposite sex, tell her you're impotent. She can't wait to disprove it."?
  A.   Jack Nicholson
  B.   Cary Grant
  C.   Woody Allen
  D.   Robert Mitchum

7. Who said, "On my 85th birthday, I felt like a 20 year old, but there wasn't one around."?
  A.   James Cagney
  B.   Tony Curtis
  C.   Milton Berle
  D.   Bob Hope

8. Who of the following famous cigar smokers said, "I am at that age where trying to put my cigar in its holder is a thrill."?
  A.   Danny DeVito
  B.   W.C. Fields
  C.   James Coburn
  D.   George Burns

9. Which English wit observed,"Now I'm 78, I do tantric sex because it's very slow. My favourite position is called the plumber. You stay in all day and nobody comes."?
  A.   John Mortimer
  B.   Frank Muir
  C.   Dudley Moore
  D.   Peter Cook

10. Which other witty Englishman made the observation, "A medical report states that the human male is physically capable of enjoying sex up to and beyond the age of 80. Not as a participant of course..."?
  A.   Roald Dahl
  B.   Ted Hughes
  C.   Martin Amis
  D.   Dennis Norden®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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