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Trivia Quiz - Francis Crick & James Watson - DNA Detectives

Francis Crick and James Watson discovered the structure of human DNA - one of the most important scientific discoveries of the 20th century. See how much you know about these men whose legacy will benefit future generations.

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Date Submitted: August 05, 2020
Quiz Categories: Science & Nature, Scientists
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Author: grant228
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Francis Crick  James Watson  DNA Detectives
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1. Where was Francis Harry Compton Crick born on June 8, 1916?
  A.   England
  B.   New Zealand
  C.   U S A
  D.   Canada

2. Where was James Dewey Watson born on April 6, 1928?
  A.   England
  B.   New Zealand
  C.   U S A
  D.   Canada

3. At which prestigious university did Crick and Watson meet?
  A.   Harvard
  B.   Yale
  C.   Oxford
  D.   Cambridge

4. Crick and Watson's studies were driven by what aspect of DNA principle?
  A.   the role of mitochondria
  B.   how genetic material was stored
  C.   how it manages to replicate itself
  D.   how it is transferred from cell to cell

5. What scientific procedure was used to great benefit by Crick and Watson in their DNA discoveries?
  A.   electrostatic analysis
  B.   X-ray diffraction
  C.   electron microscope images
  D.   accelerometer

6. Crick and Watson are often incorrectly labelled as the discoverers of DNA. Who rightly deserves this title?
  A.   Fredrich Miescher
  B.   Gregor Mendel
  C.   Walther Flemming
  D.   Oswald Avery

7. Crick and Watson were responsible for popularizing what DNA term?
  A.   amino acid
  B.   genome
  C.   sequencing
  D.   double helix

8. In what year did Crick and Watson win the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine?
  A.   1946
  B.   1957
  C.   1962
  D.   1971

9. James Watson has created controversy with his views on genetics and race. Which of the following is not a stance he has advocated?
  A.   Brain size varies from race to race affects intelligence.
  B.   Blacks have lower IQ scores compared to white because of genetic difference.
  C.   Darker skinned have a stronger sex drive due to melanin.
  D.   Stereotypes attributed to races have a genetic basis.

10. Francis Crick was an avowed atheist. Which of the following quotes on religion is not his?
  A.   Christianity may be OK between consenting adults in private but should not be taught to young children.
  B.   I do not respect Christian beliefs. I think they are ridiculous.
  C.   All thinking men are atheists.
  D.   In the fullness of time, educated people will believe there is no soul independent of the body, and hence no life after death.®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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