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Trivia Quiz - Space Race Inventions Now Used Everywhere

The exploration of outer space has had many benefits for many people. Thirty of the inventions or improvements below came from space exploration. Your task is to find the ten which were not the result of mankind's remarkable leap into outer space.

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Date Submitted: August 09, 2020
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Space Race Inventions Now Used Everywhere
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1. Which of the following food improvements did not stem from the space program?
  A.   frozen food
  B.   improved baby formula
  C.   freeze dried foods
  D.   food printing

2. Which of the following safety devices was not a by-product of space exploration?
  A.   life shears
  B.   adjustable smoke detector
  C.   improved fire fighting equipment
  D.   intelligent illuminated signage

3. Which of the following computer inventions did not stem from space exploration?
  A.   portable computer
  B.   Wi-Fi
  C.   computer mouse
  D.   camera phones

4. Which of the following transport improvements was not born from the space program?
  A.   better tires
  B.   grooved road pavement
  C.   E-bikes
  D.   ice-resistant airplanes

5. Which medical improvement below did not come from the space program?
  A.   improved artificial limbs
  B.   insulin pump
  C.   CAT scans
  D.   bionic ear

6. What personal equipment item below was not a product of the space program?
  A.   invisible braces
  B.   cell phone
  C.   wireless headsets
  D.   scratch-resistant lenses

7. Which of the following cleaning innovations did not originate from space exploration?
  A.   water filtration
  B.   air purifier
  C.   germ revealing ultra violet sanitizer
  D.   dust buster

8. Which important building addition below was not invented because of the space race?
  A.   self-repairing concrete
  B.   solar cells
  C.   improved home insulation
  D.   building shock absorbers

9. Which of the following electrical related innovations was not spawned by the space program?
  A.   L E D
  B.   infrared ear thermometer
  C.   LASIK - laser eye surgery
  D.   drones

10. Which of the following innovations was not the product of space exploration?
  A.   improved athletic shoes
  B.   improved workout machines
  C.   spray-on skin for burns victims
  D.   memory foam®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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