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Trivia Quiz - Charlotte Corday - Famous French Revolution Assassin

Charlotte Corday's stabbing of Jean Paul Marat has been immortalized in art while the implications of her act have long been debated. Test your knowledge of this lady who has been called "the angel of assassination" and "the second Joan of Arc".

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Date Submitted: September 01, 2020
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Author: grant228
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Charlotte Corday  Famous French Revolution Assassin
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1. Although known as Charlotte Corday, what first name was this lady baptised with?
  A.   Diane-Edith
  B.   Pauline-Sophie
  C.   Francoise-Gabrielle
  D.   Marie-Anne

2. How old was Charlotte Corday when she stabbed Marat?
  A.   17
  B.   24
  C.   33
  D.   45

3. With which of the following groups did Charlotte Corday most sympathize in Revolutionary France?
  A.   Jacobins
  B.   Royalists
  C.   Girondins
  D.   Montagnards

4. Charlotte Corday killed Marat for a number of reasons. Which of the options below was not one of them.
  A.   She believed Marat responsible for the execution of Louis XVI.
  B.   Marat was calling for executions of her preferred group.
  C.   She believed Marat was threatening the Republic.
  D.   She feared an all-out civil war if Marat were not stopped.

5. Charlotte Corday wanted to make a political statement by killing Marat. Where did she intend to kill him?
  A.   At the Place de la Concorde where the majority of executions took place
  B.   In front of the National Convention
  C.   During a visit to the Bastille
  D.   She hoped to kill him at his local brothel.

6. At her trial, what famous statement did Corday make in her defence?
  A.   One should never apologize for correct actions.
  B.   I bow to no beast.
  C.   Silent acquiescence in the face of tyranny is no better than outright agreement.
  D.   I have killed one man to save a hundred thousand.

7. Following the imposition of the death sentence, what request by Corday was granted by the court?
  A.   to have her portrait painted
  B.   to be able to apologize to Marat's fiancee, Simonne.
  C.   to visit her aged parents in Caen
  D.   to undertake confession at Notre Dame Cathedral

8. On her way to the guillotine, what clothing item was Charlotte Corday forced to wear?
  A.   wooden clogs
  B.   a red blouse
  C.   a striped revolutionary jacket
  D.   knee britches

9. Why was a post-mortem performed on the body of Charlotte Corday?
  A.   to determine if she was a man, as only a man could have committed such a horrible deed.
  B.   to determine if she had a mental illness
  C.   to discover if her heart was similar to others due to the gruesome nature of her crime
  D.   to ascertain if she was a virgin

10. Which of the following did not occur as a consequence of Corday's actions?
  A.   The Reign of Terror intensified.
  B.   A majority of French women distanced themselves from her actions
  C.   Marat became a martyr to the revolutionary cause.
  D.   Robespierre's grip on power became less secure and he was deposed two months later.®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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