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Trivia Quiz - Max Steiner - The Music Man of Movies

Max Steiner composed the film scores for over 300 Hollywood movies, many which are enduring classics. Your task is to find the ten classic movies from the illustrious list below that Max Steiner was not responsible for the music.

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Date Submitted: September 28, 2020
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Max Steiner  The Music Man of Movies
(Image Source: Max Steiner @ Eric B. Olsen Tripod)

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1. Which of the following great films from the early 1930s did not have its score composed by Max Steiner?
  A.   King Kong
  B.   Little Women
  C.   The Gay Divorcee
  D.   The Thin Man

2. Max Steiner did not compose the score for which of the following late 1930s marvellous movies?
  A.   Bringing Up Baby
  B.   Kid Galahad
  C.   Gone With Wind
  D.   Dark Victory

3. Max Steiner hit his heights in the 1940s. Which of the following early 1940s films did not benefit from his input?
  A.   Casablanca
  B.   Citizen Kane
  C.   Sergeant York
  D.   Now, Voyager

4. Of the following four later 1940s movies starring Humphrey Bogart, which did not involve Max Steiner's music?
  A.   The Big Sleep
  B.   Key Largo
  C.   Dark Passage
  D.   The Treasure of Sierra Madre

5. Errol Flynn's derring-do was enhanced with Steiner scores. Which of his films below did not involve Max Steiner?
  A.   Dodge City
  B.   They Died with Their Boots On
  C.   The Charge of the Light Brigade
  D.   The Adventures of Robin Hood

6. Many western movies were also improved with input from Max Steiner. Which of the following 1940s westerns did not have a score penned by Max Steiner?
  A.   Virginia City
  B.   San Antonio
  C.   Fort Apache
  D.   Santa Fe Trail

7. Into the 1950s, Max Steiner continued his work with westerns. Which of the following classics did not have music by Steiner?
  A.   Shane
  B.   Sugarfoot
  C.   Springfield Rifle
  D.   The Searchers

8. There have been many remakes of many movies. Which of the following movies that have been remade many times did Max Steiner not play a part?
  A.   The Three Muskateers
  B.   The Great Gatsby
  C.   The Jazz Singer
  D.   A Star is Born

9. Max Steiner was also responsible for the film scores of many movies based on book adaptations. Which of the following did not have Steiner's name in the credits?
  A.   Of Human Bondage
  B.   The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
  C.   Rebecca
  D.   The Caine Mutiny

10. One would think movie musicals using the music of other composers would not need a musical score but Max Steiner wrote for many of these. From the group below, which did not have the services of Max Steiner?
  A.   The Desert Song
  B.   Yankee Doodle Dandy
  C.   By the Light of the Silvery Moon
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