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Trivia Quiz - QANTAS - 100 Years of "the world's safest airline"

QANTAS has the reputation of the world's safest airline with its flying kangaroo logo seen around many of the world's major airports. Test your knowledge of one the world's oldest airlines.

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Date Submitted: December 10, 2020
Quiz Categories: Australian History
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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QANTAS  100 Years of the worlds safest airline
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1. QANTAS was founded in November, 1920 in what Queensland town?
  A.   Longreach
  B.   Cloncurry
  C.   Mt Isa
  D.   Winton

2. QANTAS is an acronym for Queensland and Northern Territory A _______ Service. What does the second 'A' stand for?
  A.   Air
  B.   Aerial
  C.   Airline
  D.   Aeroplane

3. In what year did QANTAS begin international flights?
  A.   1925
  B.   1935
  C.   1938
  D.   1946

4. Which of the following was not part of the team that founded QANTAS?
  A.   Hudson Fysh
  B.   Paul McGinness
  C.   Charles Ulm
  D.   Fergus McMaster

5. Which of the following statements is true about the safety record of QANTAS?
  A.   It has never lost a jet airliner nor had any jet fatalities.
  B.   No person has ever been killed in a QANTAS aircraft crash.
  C.   Ten people were killed when a QANTAS plane crashed in Antarctica in 1983.
  D.   The 'D check' where each plane is taken apart and checked is performed every two years.

6. In what 1980s Hollywood film was there a reference to the safety record of QANTAS?
  A.   Superman
  B.   Short Circuit
  C.   Spaceballs
  D.   Rain Man

7. In 1971 QANTAS was subject to an extortion attempt when it was claimed a bomb had been planted on one of its planes. What was the colourful name of the criminal who tried to extort $500,000?
  A.   Mr Green
  B.   Mr Brown
  C.   Mr Black
  D.   Mr White

8. QANTAS has achieved a number of flying "firsts". Which of the following was not a QANTAS initiative?
  A.   first all 747 fleet
  B.   first to introduce airline food
  C.   first non-stop flight from USA to Australia
  D.   first airline to introduce cabin mood lighting to reduce jet-lag

9. Even though QANTAS is known as the flying kangaroo, which Australian animal was used in a very successful U.S. advertising campaign to promote QANTAS?
  A.   dingo
  B.   wombat
  C.   quokka
  D.   koala

10. Which emblematic Australian song has QANTAS used in many of its advertising campaigns?
  A.   C'mon Aussie, C'mon
  B.   I Still Call Australia Home
  C.   Great Southern Land
  D.   Raining on the Rock®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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