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Trivia Quiz - 12 Angry Men - The 1957 Movie (Part 2)

The 1957 movie "Twelve Angry Men" is a shining example of the strength of the jury system. With actors such as Henry Fonda, Lee J. Cobb, E. G. Marshall and Jack Klugman in fine form, it remains a classic commentary on the U.S. legal process.

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Date Submitted: December 20, 2020
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12 Angry Men  The 1957 Movie (Part 2)
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1. What number juror did Henry Fonda play, as the lone juror in favor of acquitting the accused?
  A.   2
  B.   4
  C.   6
  D.   8

2. The accused was charged with the murder of whom?
  A.   his mother
  B.   his father
  C.   a fellow gang member
  D.   a liquor shop owner

3. Where did the accused claim he was at the time of the murder?
  A.   asleep in bed
  B.   at a baseball game
  C.   at the movies
  D.   on a date with his girlfriend

4. An older juror was able to convince the others a female witness for the prosecution had what less than perfect sense?
  A.   smell
  B.   sight
  C.   hearing
  D.   touch

5. What game were two jurors playing during their deliberation?
  A.   chess
  B.   checker
  C.   tic tac toe
  D.   cards

6. One of the jurors was an advertising executive and was working on what product campaign while deliberations were taking place?
  A.   breakfast cereal
  B.   automobile
  C.   bicycle
  D.   laundry powder

7. What item of transport played a prominent role in the depiction of the murder?
  A.   plane
  B.   train
  C.   bus
  D.   taxi

8. In the penultimate scene where the juror played by Lee J. Cobb finally votes 'not guilty', which of the following does he not state about his son?
  A.   He worked day and night for his son.
  B.   His son once ran away from a fight.
  C.   His son turned bad and became a gang member.
  D.   His son punched him in a fight they had.

9. After the other jurors have left the jury room, what act of conciliation does the Henry Fonda character offer that played by Lee J. Cobb?
  A.   He offers him a glass of water.
  B.   He helps him on with his coat.
  C.   He collects the contents of the wallet that had been thrown on the table.
  D.   He offers a handshake which is accepted.

10. At the end of the film, what is revealed as Henry Fonda's character's last name?
  A.   Mason
  B.   Baker
  C.   Johnson
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