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Trivia Quiz - The Ypsilanti Water Tower

Built in Michigan in 1890, the Ypsilanti Water Tower is a loved local landmark and renowned globally for its individual shape which had prompted some wags to say, "Is that the Ypsi tower in your pants, or are you just pleased to see me."

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Date Submitted: December 26, 2020
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The Ypsilanti Water Tower
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1. The Ypsilanti Water Tower is located on what appropriately named street?
  A.   Mount
  B.   Peak
  C.   Climax
  D.   Summit

2. How often is the Ypsilanti Water Tower opened to the public.
  A.   Every day except Good Friday and Christmas Day
  B.   One day per year
  C.   It's off-limits to the public
  D.   Every Thursday for guided tours

3. The name of the tower's designer was William R. what?
  A.   Coats
  B.   Trousers
  C.   Sox
  D.   Cardigan

4. How high is the Ypsilanti Water Tower?
  A.   99 feet
  B.   147 feet
  C.   208 feet
  D.   242 feet

5. The Ypsilanti Water Tower was built using a style named after what English queen?
  A.   Queen Elizabeth
  B.   Queen Mary
  C.   Queen Anne
  D.   Queen Victoria

6. The stonemasons who constructed the tower incorporated what design into the brick work for good luck?
  A.   crosses
  B.   shamrocks
  C.   horseshoes
  D.   elephants

7. What is the capacity of the Ypsilanti Water Tower?
  A.   100,000 gallons
  B.   250,000 gallons
  C.   500,000 gallons
  D.   1,000,000 gallons

8. According to folklore, the Ypsilanti Water Tower will crumble if what happens?
  A.   Michigan secedes to Canada
  B.   Lake Michigan freezes over completely
  C.   A virgin ever graduates from East Michigan University
  D.   A couple kiss at the tower and do not marry

9. In 2003 which New York magazine voted the Ypsilanti Water Tower "The World's Most Phallic Building"?
  A.   Clocktower
  B.   Cabinet
  C.   Chaise Lounge
  D.   Chesterfield

10. Which of the following is accepted as the most common nickname of the Ypsilanti Water Tower?
  A.   Phallus Palace
  B.   Towering Tool
  C.   Michigan Member
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