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Trivia Quiz - Maine Fun Facts

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Date Submitted: January 06, 2021
Quiz Categories: U.S. States
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Author: grant228
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Maine Fun Facts
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1. The capital city of Maine shares its name with what famous U.S. golf course?
  A.   Oakmont
  B.   Seminole
  C.   Pinehurst
  D.   Augusta

2. Maine has the distinction of bordering only one of the U.S. states which is?
  A.   Vermont
  B.   New Hampshire
  C.   Connecticut
  D.   New York

3. What are citizens of Maine known as?
  A.   Maineites
  B.   Mainiacs
  C.   Mainers
  D.   Mainans

4. Maine has a flourishing agricultural sector. Of the following products, which was Maine not the biggest supplier to the rest of the USA?
  A.   toothpicks
  B.   lobster
  C.   blueberries
  D.   maple syrup

5. What is the largest city in Maine?
  A.   Portland
  B.   Freeport
  C.   Bangor
  D.   Bridgton

6. As part of the New England region, Maine has many towns named after those in England but also has many named after countries. Which of the following is not a town in Maine?
  A.   Lebanon
  B.   Japan
  C.   Denmark
  D.   Mexico

7. Which outdoor clothing and equipment chain store originated in Maine?
  A.   Moosejaw Mountaineering
  B.   Uncle Dan's Outfitters
  C.   L.L. Bean
  D.   Paragon Sports

8. As at January 2021, no U.S. President has come from Maine but two Vice Presidents have. Hannibal Hamlin was one; who is the other?
  A.   Nelson Rockefeller
  B.   Walter Mondale
  C.   Hubert Humphrey
  D.   John Garner

9. Recognized as a rural state, of which of the following geographical features does Maine have only one?
  A.   mountain
  B.   waterfall
  C.   national park
  D.   desert

10. Which famous horror writer was born in Maine and has set many novels there?
  A.   Dean Koontz
  B.   Edgar Allan Poe
  C.   Stephen King
  D.   Anne Rice®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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