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Trivia Quiz - New England Patriots Team History: 2000-01 Season

See what you know about the 2001 Super Bowl champion New England Patriots! -bill Great Patriots football trivia here!

Quiz Number: 615
Date Submitted: November 01, 2006
Quiz Categories: AFC East
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bill
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New England Patriots Team History 2000 01 Season
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1. What team did the 2001 Patriots defeat in Super Bowl XXXVI?
  A.   St. Louis Rams
  B.   Detroit Lions
  C.   Philadelphia Eagles
  D.   Green Bay Packers

2. Which of the following teams did the Patroits defeat in the AFC Championship game to make it to Super Bowl XXXVI?
  A.   Pittsburgh Steelers
  B.   New York Jets
  C.   Oakland Raiders
  D.   Miami Dolphins

3. What quarterback started Super Bowl XXXVI for the Patriots?
  A.   Tom Brady
  B.   Drew Bledsoe
  C.   Steve Grogan
  D.   Jim Plunkett

4. What was the Patriots regular season record in 2001?
  A.   14-2
  B.   13-3
  C.   12-4
  D.   11-5

5. Who was the head coach of the 2001 Patriots?
  A.   Raymond Berry
  B.   Bill Parcells
  C.   Pete Carroll
  D.   Bill Belichick

6. The Patriots trip to Super Bowl XXXVI, was what number trip for the franchise?
  A.   1st time in the Super Bowl
  B.   2nd time in the Super Bowl
  C.   3rd time in the Super Bowl
  D.   4th time in the Super Bowl

7. Aside from the Super Bowl win, what was unique about the 2001 season for the Patriots?
  A.   it was their first season in Gillette Stadium
  B.   it was their last season in Foxboro Stadium
  C.   the Pats got cheerleaders for the first time
  D.   they adopted a new helmet design

8. In what city was Super Bowl XXXVI played?
  A.   Miami
  B.   Houston
  C.   Los Angeles
  D.   New Orleans

9. What play won Super Bowl XXXVI for the Patriots as time expired?
  A.   Troy Brown caught a 6-yard TD pass
  B.   Adam Vinatieri kicked a 48-yard field goal
  C.   Cornerback Ty Law intercpted a pass for a touchdown
  D.   David Patten caught a 16-yard TD pass

10. Who was the MVP of Super Bowl XXXVI?
  A.   Drew Bledsoe
  B.   Tom Brady
  C.   Adam Vinatieri
  D.   Mike Vrabel®   

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