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Trivia Quiz - The Hobbit

Any old "Tolkienite" should be able to score a 100% on this quiz about "The Hobbit."

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Author: krystal
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The Hobbit
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1. The dwarves and Gandalf are interested in bringing Bilbo along on the adventure to work as a:
  A.   Burglar
  B.   Guide
  C.   Cook
  D.   Assassin

2. Bilbo and Gandalf set out on an adventure with how many dwarves?
  A.   10
  B.   11
  C.   12
  D.   13

3. In "The Hobbit" the leader of the band of dwarves was:
  A.   Elrond
  B.   Thorin
  C.   Gandalf
  D.   Balin

4. Gollum threatened to eat Bilbo if he failed to do what?
  A.   Give him back the ring
  B.   Answer one of his riddles correctly
  C.   Take him out of the cave with him
  D.   Find him some fish

5. What are Orcrist and Glamdring?
  A.   Trolls
  B.   Hobbits
  C.   Men
  D.   Swords

6. What does Bilbo Baggins hide the dwarves in to get them out of the wood elves' prison?
  A.   fruit baskets
  B.   jugs
  C.   caskets
  D.   barrels

7. In "The Hobbit" Beorn the skin-changer is sometimes a great strong man and sometimes a:
  A.   Bear
  B.   Moose
  C.   Deer
  D.   Wizard

8. What did Bilbo Baggins name his sword?
  A.   Striker
  B.   Slayer
  C.   Sting
  D.   Might of Hand

9. In "The Hobbit" what is the dragons name?
  A.   Girion
  B.   Thrain
  C.   Smaug
  D.   Puff

10. Who slays the dragon in "The Hobbit"?
  A.   Bard
  B.   Bilbo
  C.   Thorin
  D.   Beorn®   

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