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Trivia Quiz - Little House on the Prairie Tidbits

This is a quiz to see what people know about "Little House on the Prairie."

Quiz Number: 830
Date Submitted: February 08, 2007
Quiz Categories: American TV Dramas
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: tjinky
Average Score: 74.9 percent
Times Taken: 278 times
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Little House on the Prairie Tidbits
(Image Source: Little House on the Prairie)

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1. To what drug did Albert become addicted?
  A.   cocaine
  B.   marijuana
  C.   morphine
  D.   alcohol

2. What was Laura's horse's name?
  A.   Babe
  B.   Baby
  C.   Bunny
  D.   Bunnicula

3. Who watched Mary, Laura, and Carrie when Charles and Caroline went on a second honeymoon?
  A.   Mr. Edwards
  B.   Mrs. Oleson
  C.   Miss Beatle
  D.   They left Mary in charge

4. What sport was Albert great at, but quit?
  A.   football
  B.   baseball
  C.   track
  D.   wrestling

5. What job did Mary start doing to make extra money as a child?
  A.   babysitting
  B.   cleaning
  C.   sewing
  D.   working at Oleson's Mercantile

6. Charles almost lost their farm because he got hurt and couldn't finish a job. How did they keep from losing the farm?
  A.   He did the job even though he was hurt
  B.   The community helped finish the job
  C.   Mr. Edwards finished the job
  D.   The warehouse burned down

7. What was the man's name that Laura met on top of the mountain when she wanted to speak with God? hint: she wanted to switch places with her brother who had died, so Charles would have a son.
  A.   John
  B.   John Henry
  C.   Jacob
  D.   Jonathan

8. What color was Laura's Sunday dress?
  A.   red
  B.   purple
  C.   blue
  D.   yellow

9. What did Laura call her husband, Almonzo?
  A.   Al
  B.   Monzo
  C.   Monte
  D.   Manley

10. Who was the first switchboard operator in Walnut Grove?
  A.   Nellie Oleson
  B.   Caroline Ingalls
  C.   Hester Sue
  D.   Laura Ingalls®   

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