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Trivia Quiz - Family Guy Fun

See what you know about "Family Guy?" -tylair10

Quiz Number: 861
Date Submitted: January 24, 2007
Quiz Categories: Animated TV Series & Cartoons
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: tylair10
Average Score: 72.6 percent
Times Taken: 361 times
Taken by Registered Users: 39

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Family Guy Fun
(Image Source: Family Guy @ Fathead)

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1. "Family Guy" is set in the fictional city of Quahog. What state is it located in?
  A.   Rhode Island
  B.   Vermont
  C.   Maine
  D.   New Hampshire

2. What is the father's name?
  A.   Chris
  B.   Stewie
  C.   Brian
  D.   Peter

3. What is the family's last name?
  A.   Griffin
  B.   Thomson
  C.   Simpson
  D.   Johnson

4. Who gets shot in the knees?
  A.   Stewie
  B.   Brian, the dog
  C.   Peter
  D.   Lois

5. What instrument does Lois teach?
  A.   piano
  B.   guitar
  C.   saxaphone
  D.   clarinet

6. Who breaks their ankle?
  A.   the sister
  B.   the dog
  C.   the Grim Reaper
  D.   Lois

7. Why can't anyone die in the "Death is a B*tch" episode?
  A.   Stewie didn't go on a killing rampage
  B.   The Grim Reaper can't walk
  C.   Peter didn't put an atom bomb in the city
  D.   Time stood still for a while

8. Does Peter ever join the army?
  A.   yes
  B.   he tried and failed
  C.   he tried, but quit halfway through
  D.   he was kidnapped on his way to enlist

9. What kind of bumps does Tom get on his head?
  A.   goose eggs
  B.   big warts
  C.   moles
  D.   animals

10. How did Stewie's head get so big?
  A.   he ate a football
  B.   he's a genius
  C.   he ate a water melon whole
  D.   the writers of the show never make this clear®   

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