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Trivia Quiz - Little House on the Prairie Facts

"Little House on the Prairie" trivia about the characters, episodes, actors, and families.

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Date Submitted: February 21, 2007
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Author: tazzytina
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Little House on the Prairie Facts
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1. Twin actors played the part of what character on Little House on the Prairie?
  A.   Laura Ingalls
  B.   Carrie Ingalls
  C.   Nellie Oleson
  D.   Albert Ingalls

2. What were the names of Laura Ingall's dogs as she she grew up?
  A.   Bunny and Paddy
  B.   Nellie and Willie
  C.   Jack and Bandit
  D.   Sparks and Blue

3. Where did Mary meet her future husband?
  A.   At church
  B.   At a picnic on Plum Crrek
  C.   At a school for the blind
  D.   At a birthday party

4. Why did Mrs Oleson build a restaurant for her daughter Nellie, for a graduation present?
  A.   They needed the money
  B.   Nellie loved to cook
  C.   So she could make some friends
  D.   So she could find a husband

5. What was the name of the horse Mrs Oleson bought for Nellie to compete with Laura in a race ?
  A.   Sparks
  B.   Bunny
  C.   Homer
  D.   Almanzo

6. In addition to Albert, what were the names of the other two children that were taken in by the Ingall's family ?
  A.   Solomon and Andy
  B.   James and Cassandra
  C.   Jenny and Almanzo
  D.   Joseph and James

7. In the final episode, the entire town was blown to bits to avoid the new railroad taking over the property. What were the only two buildings that were spared from the devastation?
  A.   Nellie's restaurant and Oleson's Mercantile
  B.   The mill and the post office
  C.   Laura's home and the doctor's office
  D.   The church/school and the Little House

8. What was the spice Laura added to the chicken she cooked for Nellie and Almanzo in an attempt to sabotage their dinner?
  A.   cinnamon
  B.   cayenne pepper
  C.   red pepper
  D.   chili powder

9. How many children did Laura and Almanzo have as a couple on Little House on the Prairie?
  A.   0
  B.   1
  C.   3
  D.   2

10. In what state was the Big Woods located?
  A.   Wisconsin
  B.   Missouri
  C.   Minnesota
  D.   Kansas®   

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