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Trivia Quiz - The Monkees Rock n Roll Sitcom Part 2

Ah, remember back to those carefree Sixties! "Hey, Hey, We're The Monkees!" How well do you know one of the "icons" of that decade?

Quiz Number: 937
Date Submitted: March 01, 2007
Quiz Categories: American TV Sitcoms, Rock -n- Roll, The Monkees
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: lmcubs
Average Score: 60.8 percent
Times Taken: 274 times
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The Monkees Rock n Roll Sitcom Part 2
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1. What was a common nickname for this TV quartet?
  A.   Best Band Ever
  B.   Legend Makers
  C.   PreFab 4
  D.   The Ace Group

2. What company was one of the main sponsors of The Monkees TV series?
  A.   Kelloggs
  B.   Maybelline
  C.   Honda
  D.   Viagra

3. The name of their theatrical movie was:
  A.   Hair
  B.   Shark
  C.   Head
  D.   Move

4. Mike Nesmith's mother was the inventor of:
  A.   velcro
  B.   post-it notes
  C.   plastic paper clips
  D.   Liquid Paper

5. These songwriters provided The Monkees with songs, except for which one?
  A.   Neil Diamond
  B.   Carole King
  C.   Peter Noone
  D.   Boyce and Hart

6. Which Monkee first left the group in 1968?
  A.   Micky Dolenz
  B.   Peter Tork
  C.   Michael Nesmith
  D.   Davy Jones

7. In 1967 the #1 hit was by The Monkees. What song was it?
  A.   I'm a Believer
  B.   Daydream Believer
  C.   Last Train to Clarksville
  D.   Hey, Hey We're The Monkees

8. Surprisingly, what group went on tour with The Monkees in the 60's?
  A.   Jimi Hendrix Experience
  B.   Grateful Dead
  C.   Herman's Hermits
  D.   Rolling Stones

9. How many Emmy awards did The Monkees TV show win?
  A.   zero
  B.   one
  C.   two
  D.   three

10. What year did The Monkees first officially disband?
  A.   1969
  B.   1970
  C.   1971
  D.   1974®   

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