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Trivia Quiz - Friends: TV Sitcom: Season Three Facts #2

Trivia and facts about the third season of the TV sitcom, "Friends."

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Date Submitted: March 07, 2007
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Author: eyelessgavin
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Friends TV Sitcom Season Three Facts 2
(Image Source: Friends Cast)

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1. In season three’s opener, Ross conveys a fantasy to Rachel. He’d like her to dress up as what fictional character?
  A.   Princess Leia from “Star Wars”
  B.   Major Anya Amasova from “You Only Live Twice”
  C.   Lieutenant Ellen Ripley from “Alien”
  D.   Carrie from “Smokey and the Bandit”

2. In order to get over Richard, Monica initially…
  A.   Cleans everyone’s apartments for them
  B.   Takes up the duty of helping Chandler lose six pounds
  C.   Makes jam
  D.   Burns all of Richard’s belongings that she still has

3. On “Amazing Discoveries,” Joey’s character is
  A.   Kyle
  B.   Kris
  C.   Kevin
  D.   Khalid

4. When is Frank Junior’s birthday?
  A.   March 9th
  B.   July 4th
  C.   August 6th
  D.   October 25th

5. Chandler doesn’t quit his job to get “the fear” because:
  A.   He gets paid A LOT
  B.   He’s too lazy
  C.   He’s too afraid
  D.   Joey’s depending on him

6. What novel does Rachel find in Joey and Chandler’s freezer?
  A.   Little Women
  B.   The Shining
  C.   Carrie
  D.   Planet of the Apes

7. Phoebe’s ex-singing partner is:
  A.   Teresa
  B.   Sierra
  C.   Leslie
  D.   Amanda

8. In order to save the gang from the cold (they ran out of gas while heading up state to ski) Ross must borrow a vehicle. Who’s vehicle does he borrow?
  A.   His Father’s
  B.   Susan’s
  C.   Carol’s
  D.   Gunther’s

9. Which came first, the chicken or the duck?
  A.   The chicken
  B.   The duck
  C.   They came at the same time
  D.   The rooster

10. Chandler doesn’t like his new boss because Chandler’s new boss:
  A.   smacked Chandler’s butt
  B.   swears a lot
  C.   pees sitting down
  D.   drinks on the job®   

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