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User Profiles - nut_meg
Registered on April 18, 2007

Alltime Points for nut_meg
Points from taking Quizzes3,550
Points from writing Quizzes7,000
Points from taking Bio Quizzes0
Points from Writing Bio Quizzes0
Points from playing LightningTrivia0
Total Points10,550

Multiple Choice Quizzes taken by nut_meg (59)
Multiple Choice quizzes written by nut_meg (7)

Country: IN
Favorite Actor: Hugh Laurie
Favorite Actress: me,myself
Favorite Sports Star: Rafael Nadal
Favorite Author: Dan Brown
Favorite Musician: Fergie
About nut_meg: m a grad who loooovvvveeeessssssssss hugh laurie and house. just m crazy abt him....
also love OC,heros,my name is earl,grey's anatomy,fraiser, prison break, friends,jon stweart show, oprah,....(u get the idea)
Airport Sightings: i have seen a few bt no one u guys know...all were indian superstars!!®   

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