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User Profiles - LonestarJR
Registered on September 22, 2017

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First Name: John
Last Name: Reiser
Country: US
Postal Code: 78701
Favorite Actor: Willie Nelson
Favorite Actress: Carrie Coon
Favorite Sports Star: Dale Earnhardt, JR
Favorite Author: Michelle Alexander
Favorite Musician: Garbage
About LonestarJR: Septuagenarian; occasional curmudgeon; Democratic Socialist; atheist; Human Rights advocate; Nebraska Cornhusker; recognized authority on Country Music; uncle of lead guitar player of Garbage; married for 42 years plus. Delegate to 1968 Republican State Convention (Nebraska) and to 2012 Democratic State Convention (Texas); Black Lives Matter!
Airport Sightings: Hundreds of politicians, musicians, journalists, actors, business executives, clergy, union leaders, thieves and murderers, athletes, coaches and sports figures, including two NBA Commissioners (Larry O'Brien and David Stern) and the immortal Pete Rozelle®   

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