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grant228 2016-02-02 02:37:59
So, Bill you don't have the Ypsilanti equivalent of Homer Simpson's Mr Plow? Where do you deposit the snow once you've shoveled it? Can it build into towering proportions? Regarding Serena, she is still one formidable player but has managed to win games when not playing her best. Kerber was too consistent and strong for a champion who didn't bring her A game.
bill 2016-01-31 10:23:47
Not pro in that we are paid for it - UGH! We get enough "loving it" just from scooping our own walks. My boy have made some money in the neighborhood by shoveling so you might say they have done it professionally. :-)

I don't follow tennis much and it sounds like Kerber is quite the player but isn't Serena getting a little long in the tooth?
grant228 2016-01-30 14:46:01
Just watched the best women's tennis final in memory! Angelique Kerber is one strong woman who was not daunted by Serena's power or reputation. To beat a player of Serena's ability speaks volumes about this woman. Hope the men's final is just as good.
grant228 2016-01-29 05:59:39
Dave, is the prefix "pro" used in the sense you are paid to shovel? I'm sure you're not amateur shovelers and do it for love!?
dave 2016-01-28 06:24:18
Grant, you could say we are pro shovelers !
grant228 2016-01-28 05:44:23
Bill, back at work after an excellent break. The tennis was good. Saw Federer and Sharapova win. If retirement ever comes, I'll go in the second week when the matches are even closer. Melbourne would have to be my favourite Australian city with a great cultural and sporting atmosphere and everything within easy walking distance. Love your term "shovelable". I'm sure you folk of the north are well-practiced shovelers. All the best as you survive the elements.
bill 2016-01-26 10:15:01
Tennis tournament sounds great Grant!

Actually, that big storm did not involve us at all. We have had only two "shovelable" snow events this season so far. El Nino, baby!
grant228 2016-01-23 22:56:43
G'day, Dave! Just back from the Aust Open tennis in Melbourne where this city did not live up to its usual furnace-like summer conditions. A few overcast days and a little cool but nothing of the type you and your compatriots are enduring. It's been leading many news bulletins down here such is the ferocity of the storm. The stories we're getting focus on the east coast. Are you suffering similarly or are you just used to tough winters?
dave 2016-01-23 10:27:06
Hey Grant, How's the weather down there? Big snowstorm on the east coast here!
bill 2016-01-13 09:03:12
Hilarious, Grant!
grant228 2016-01-13 02:00:29
Bill, you could throw in Jimmy Hoffa keeping them company and help solve a few of the world's great mysteries!
bill 2016-01-12 11:12:59
EMTKelly, thanks very much for the quiz on Florida. Warms me up just reading it!
bill 2016-01-12 09:47:08
Grant, that's just a lot of different people taking Emergency! Over 1,500 times in the last couple days!

So, here's something for you to ponder... A research team finds Harold Holt living with a pack of Thylacine in the remote reaches of Tasmania. Now that would make news headlines!
grant228 2016-01-12 02:42:37
Dave, have we many people doing the Emergency quiz or one very determined individual? Bill, regarding your Tasmanian tiger comment, we had a prime minister in 1966 who went missing while swiimming on a deserted beach? I think we've a greater chance of seeing him trudging from the waves than seeing a Tassie tiger.
bill 2016-01-11 09:54:46
Very interesting perspective, Grant! Myself, I'm going to hold out for hope that someone will find evidence that this animal is still with us. I was reading an article written by a UK biologist who feels that there could be as many as 300 Thylacine still living in Tasmania and the mainland. I guess time will tell!
dave 2016-01-10 23:37:15
Thanks to all those folks taking the quiz on the Emergency tv series
grant228 2016-01-09 21:14:24
Bill, I've done some research to try to give you some perspective. Tasmania is a small island slightly larger than West Virginia but has approximately 500,000 people, half of whom live in the capital city of Hobart. There are large parts of uninhabited land, a fair proportion of these wilderness, so it's possible any tiger could be hiding in some unexplored areas. Most people here think it's extinct. I heard a Tasmanian hunter/explorer a few years ago saying if he ever saw a tiger he would shoot it as people wouldn't believe he had seen it without the evidence. That pretty much sums up the Tassie mentality. We on the mainland have jokes about in-breeding with Tasmanians possessing extra fingers and toes!
bill 2016-01-08 19:31:46
Hi Grant: I was watching a TV documentary recently about the Tasmanian Tiger. As you know, this beautiful creature was thought to be extinct since the 1930s most of which was due to hunting, introduction of dogs to the island and human intrusion.

Just read an article from The Guardian in which a zoologist believes there is "no doubt" they still exist. In fact, he believes up to 300 of them still exist.

If still round, they live in very remote areas, are nocturnal and purposely try to avoid humans, all adding up to good reason as to why they're rarely spotted.

So, what is the word down under? Do people really believe that this awesome creature is still with us?

What a great day it will be when proof is found that these guys are still around!
bill 2016-01-08 19:09:36
Well, the season lasts from Sept to Jan. I think it's a short season because it gets too cold to play outside here!
grant228 2016-01-05 15:13:48
Bill, we have an Aussie playing in your San Francisco 49's so we get to hear about every match he gets to play in. (Sometimes it's all of 30 seconds). The thing that surprised me is how short your football season is. Is there a reason for this?
grant228 2016-01-05 04:59:08
Bill, we have an Aussie playing in your San Francisco 49's so we get to hear about every match he gets to play in. (Sometimes it's all of 30 seconds). The thing that surprised me is how short your football season is. Is there a reason for this?
bill 2015-12-25 11:51:21
Merry Christmas from Peoplequiz!
grant228 2015-12-18 14:13:31
Good morning, Bill. I know the feeling about busyness! i've now started our summer break after a very hectic end of the year. (I thought your fingers may have been too frozen to type!) Regarding my choice of de Sade, I'm just keeping with the ethos of your site - people and their foibles, failures and successes. While not agreeing with this twisted soul's take on life, he is someone history has made note of.
bill 2015-12-18 12:29:00
Grant, how dare you write a quiz on a porno king! (de Sade):-)
bill 2015-12-18 12:28:11
Sorry Grant. Been away and very busy. It's been warmer than usual here, but we knew it was coming via El Nino. I'd love to go to Aussie and enjoy that nice weather! Maybe someday...
grant228 2015-12-08 02:47:08
Bill, what's the weather like over in Fridgeville? We're enjoying some classic late Spring weather, not too hot with perfect days. The beach will play a big role in the upcoming holidays. You might have to trek south one of these days to experience Christmas as it should be done - long, lazy days spent with family and friends.
bill 2015-12-04 18:00:15
Madman, thanks for the new quiz on Morgan Fairchild! Va, va voom!
bill 2015-12-03 13:19:05
Tlebleu23, thanks for the new quiz on The Andy Griffith Show!
bill 2015-11-30 11:45:55
Dana and I went to see the new Peanuts movie Saturday night. I highly recommend it! It kept with the traditional Peanuts "theme" of the original strip and movies but is a huge step up in terms of the animation. Very funny and cute!
dave 2015-11-29 22:49:59
And Grant, yes Thanksgiving is a very big holiday here for families getting together®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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