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Quizzes submitted by arnold

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 Blue Cheer and Dickie PetersonHeavy Metal, Psychedelic Rock  arnold3961.3
2 Garage, Psyche and Punk Rock BasicsRock -n- Roll  arnold5646.6
3 Our Gang aka. The Little RascalsOld Time Comedy Short Films  arnold55558.5
4 Rock Music Basics #3Rock -n- Roll  arnold12160.3
5 Saturday Night Live!Saturday Night Live  arnold18063.6
6 Sports RookiesSports  arnold5540.4
7 U.S. Vice PresidentsAmerican History, American Vice Presidents  arnold15269.7

Grand Averages for these 7 Quizzes     57.2®   

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