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Trivia Quiz - The Addams Family Character Match

How much do you know about the characters in the 1960s original Addams Family sitcom? -garrett

Quiz Number: 1005
Date Submitted: March 30, 2007
Quiz Categories: American TV Sitcoms
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: garrett
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The Addams Family Character Match
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1. "It" was covered with hair and spoke incoherent jibberish that only the Addams family members could understand:
  A.   Thing
  B.   Charles Addams
  C.   Dog
  D.   Cousin Itt

2. She was a sweet-natured, happy child, largely concerned with her pet spiders. A favorite toy was her Marie Antoinette doll, which she had guillotined, and which she often showed to visitors:
  A.   Wednesday Addams
  B.   Ophelia Addams
  C.   Morticia Addams
  D.   Thursday Addams

3. He was the Addam's shambling, groaning Frankenstein's Monster-like butler:
  A.   Lurch
  B.   Uncle Fester
  C.   Gomez Addams
  D.   Pugsley Addams

4. She was Morticia's mother:
  A.   Ophelia
  B.   Wednesday Addams
  C.   Grandmama
  D.   Hester Frump

5. The head of the Addams household, he always maintains a casual, devil-may-care attitude towards life and rarely gets tense. Luckily, he's loaded with money, thanks to his shrewd stock investments so there's very little to be rattled about.
  A.   Cousin Itt
  B.   Gomez
  C.   Uncle Fester
  D.   Lurch

6. The family had a servant in the form of a disembodied hand:
  A.   That
  B.   Thing
  C.   What
  D.   This

7. He was a bald, barrel-shaped man with dark, sunken eyes and a devilish grin. He seemed to carry an electrical charge and could illuminate a light bulb by sticking it in his mouth:
  A.   Cousin It
  B.   Uncle Fester
  C.   Uncle Festus
  D.   Uncle Freaky

8. She is a witch who deals in potions, spells and hexes of all kinds. She even dabbles in fortune-telling:
  A.   Ophelia
  B.   Hester Frump
  C.   Grandmama
  D.   Melancholia

9. He was a devoted older brother and an inventive and mechanical genius. He seemed to never change his striped shirt:
  A.   Pugsley Addams
  B.   Uncle Fester
  C.   Gomez Addams
  D.   Pubert Addams

10. She was Morticia's older sister:
  A.   Melancholia
  B.   Ophelia
  C.   Hester
  D.   Nethanophilia®   

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