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Trivia Quiz - Friends: TV Sitcom: Season Five Facts

Trivia and facts about the fifth season of the TV sitcom, "Friends."

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Date Submitted: March 31, 2007
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Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: eyelessgavin
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Friends TV Sitcom Season Five Facts
(Image Source: Friends Cast)

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1. While in London, Ross says the wrong name, Monica and Chandler get together, Rachel decides whether or not to tell Ross she loves him and Joey
  A.   Eats meat
  B.   Kisses Rachel
  C.   Kisses Monica
  D.   Sleeps with Emily

2. When caught kissing Monica, Chandler:
  A.   Says he was giving her mouth-to-mouth
  B.   Kisses Rachel and Phoebe, too
  C.   Says it’s a European goodbye tradition
  D.   Acts like he’s sleepwalking

3. Chandler catches the chicken and the duck watching:
  A.   Porn
  B.   The Cooking Channel
  C.   Diehard
  D.   The Outdoors Channel

4. Monica and Chandler both claim to have seen this person while waiting for the elevator, which tips off the others that something is going on.
  A.   Donald Trump
  B.   Ralph Lauren
  C.   Nobody, it never happened
  D.   Bill Gates

5. Why does Ross go on sabbatical from work?
  A.   A coworker ate some of his “moistmaker”
  B.   He has a “rage” problem
  C.   He slept with Rachel in the homo-erectus display
  D.   Both A and B

6. Who is Ugly Naked Guy’s naked friend?
  A.   Naked Chandler
  B.   Naked Joey
  C.   Naked Ross
  D.   Naked Paolo

7. Rachel accidentally ________ immediately after her first job interview for a position at Ralph Lauren.
  A.   Kisses her boss
  B.   Inappropriately touches her potential boss
  C.   Storms out of the interview
  D.   All of the above

8. When looking for “Hot Girl” Joey does NOT find:
  A.   Ross
  B.   A little boy
  C.   “Hot Girl”
  D.   An old man

9. What is Rachel’s middle name?
  A.   Leslie
  B.   Ann
  C.   Anne
  D.   Karen

10. When a car backfires, but “the guys” think it’s a gunshot, Joey jumps to protect:
  A.   Ross
  B.   Chandler
  C.   His sandwich
  D.   Himself®   

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