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Trivia Quiz - Laverne and Shirley: The Milwaukee Years

A hodge podge of questions about the Milwaukee years of "Laverne and Shirley"? -ravioli

Quiz Number: 1113
Date Submitted: April 21, 2007
Quiz Categories: American TV Sitcoms
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: ravioli
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Laverne and Shirley The Milwaukee Years
(Image Source: Laverne and Shirley)

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1. What is the name of the Brewery that Laverne and Shirley work for?
  A.   Schlitz
  B.   Shotz
  C.   Miller
  D.   Michelob

2. what is the name of Frank DiFazio's business?
  A.   The Hamburger Bowl
  B.   The Hotdog Bowl
  C.   The Pizza Bowl
  D.   The Fruit Bowl

3. What is Squiggy's real name?
  A.   Andrew Squigarino
  B.   Andrew Squigmond
  C.   Andrew Squigmann
  D.   Andrew Quinnasigmond

4. Lenny inherits a restaurant from his uncle, what is the name of the restaurant?
  A.   Arnolds Drive-in
  B.   Bag's Place
  C.   Dead Lazo's Place
  D.   Woolworth's Luncheonette

5. The girls have a friend who marries a proctologist. What's her name?
  A.   Jennie Piccolo
  B.   Paula Petrolunga
  C.   Rosie Greenbaum
  D.   Joanie Cunningham

6. What is the name of the group that Laverne and Shirley have been members of since high school?
  A.   Angora Sweaters
  B.   Angora Angela's
  C.   Angora Socks
  D.   Angora Debs

7. At the brewery where the girls work, they have a talent show each year. What number to the girls perform?
  A.   The Watusi
  B.   The Abba Dabba Honeymoon
  C.   The Hully Gully to Winchester Cathedral
  D.   The Twist

8. What is the name of the girls landlord who eventually marries Frank DiFazio?
  A.   Edna Lavish
  B.   Edna McTavish
  C.   Edna Babish
  D.   Edna Ravish

9. What is Lenny Kosnowski's nickname?
  A.   The Lone Ranger
  B.   The Lone Star
  C.   The Lone Wolf
  D.   The Lone Survivor

10. Carmine Ragooza does all of the following except?
  A.   boxer
  B.   singer
  C.   sance instructor
  D.   pizza maker®   

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