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Trivia Quiz - Presidential Nicknames - #1

Match the nickname with the president!

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Quiz Categories: American Presidents
Quiz Type: People Quiz
Author: tristan
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Presidential Nicknames  1
(Image Source: Abraham Lincoln)

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1. Old Tippecanoe
  A.   William Harrison
  B.   John Tyler
  C.   Andrew Jackson
  D.   Millard Fillmore

2. Father of the Constitution
  A.   James Monroe
  B.   George Washington
  C.   Thomas Jefferson
  D.   James Madison

3. Idol Of Ohio
  A.   James Garfield
  B.   William McKinley
  C.   Rutherford B. Hayes
  D.   Ulysses S. Grant

4. Old Rough and Ready
  A.   John Tyler
  B.   Martin Van Buren
  C.   Millard Fillmore
  D.   Zachary Taylor

5. His Accidency
  A.   Gerald R. Ford
  B.   Lyndon Johnson
  C.   Andrew Johnson
  D.   John Tyler

6. Bubba
  A.   Bill Clinton
  B.   William H. Taft
  C.   Grover Cleveland
  D.   Chester A. Arthur

7. The Gipper
  A.   John Kennedy
  B.   Dwight Eisenhower
  C.   Ronald Reagan
  D.   George Bush

8. Schoolmaster in Politics
  A.   Willam H. Taft
  B.   Woodrow Wilson
  C.   Warren G. Harding
  D.   James K. Polk

9. The Dark Horse President
  A.   Rutherford B. Hayes
  B.   James Buchanan
  C.   Herbert Hoover
  D.   Frankllin Pierce

10. The Gentleman Boss
  A.   John Quincy Adams
  B.   Benjamin Harrison
  C.   Chester A. Arthur
  D.   James K. Polk®   

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