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Trivia Quiz - Perfect Strangers - All About Balki

I wish "Perfect Strangers" was still on --Bronson Pinchot was hysterical! -LittleLady

Quiz Number: 1209
Date Submitted: May 15, 2007
Quiz Categories: American TV Sitcoms
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: LittleLady
Average Score: 66 percent
Times Taken: 220 times
Taken by Registered Users: 9

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Perfect Strangers  All About Balki
(Image Source: Perfect Strangers)

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1. What was Balki's last name?
  A.   Bartok
  B.   Bartakamous
  C.   Appleton
  D.   Applatoon

2. Where was Balki from?
  A.   Greece
  B.   Russia
  C.   Mypos
  D.   Monaco

3. Who was Balki's girlfriend?
  A.   MaryAnn
  B.   Linda
  C.   Denise
  D.   Gloria

4. Who was Dimitri?
  A.   his stuffed teddy bear
  B.   his stuffed elephant
  C.   his stuffed cat
  D.   his stuffed sheep

5. Balki worked in a pawn shop owned by whom?
  A.   Mr. Gorpley
  B.   Mr. Twinkecetti
  C.   Mr. Davis
  D.   Mr. Appleton

6. What does Balki send to Wayne Newton every week?
  A.   a fan letter
  B.   a song he wrote
  C.   an invitation to dinner
  D.   peanut brittle

7. Balki had a dog in one episode. What was his name?
  A.   Spot
  B.   Falafel
  C.   Bartok
  D.   Suprides

8. Balki later got a job with which newspaper?
  A.   Chicago Times
  B.   Chicago Chronicle
  C.   Chicago Tribune
  D.   Chicago Herald

9. Balki had a cure for Larry's cold. He was supposed to take 1 teaspoon, but drank it all. How long did he sleep?
  A.   24 hours
  B.   2 days
  C.   3 days
  D.   6 hours

10. What was Balki's profession in his country?
  A.   sheep shearer
  B.   goat milker
  C.   sheep herder
  D.   he had no job®   

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