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Trivia Quiz - Coach: Sporty TV Sitcom!

Some fun trivia about this funny show. I love Coach! -tazzytina

Quiz Number: 1213
Date Submitted: May 16, 2007
Quiz Categories: American TV Sitcoms
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: tazzytina
Average Score: 81 percent
Times Taken: 397 times
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Coach Sporty TV Sitcom
(Image Source: Coach)

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1. Hayden Fox coached what fictional college football team?
  A.   Central Pennsylvania Mighty Tigers
  B.   Minnesota State Screaming Eagles
  C.   Southern Minnesota Phantoms
  D.   Wisconsin State Warriors

2. Hayden Fox coached what fictional NFL team?
  A.   Orlando Breakers
  B.   Orlando Outlaws
  C.   Orlando Juice
  D.   Orlando Hurricanes

3. What does Coach Hayden's wife Christine do for a living?
  A.   college professor
  B.   model
  C.   TV reporter/anchorwoman
  D.   cheerleader

4. What bowl game do the Screaming Eagles get to play in?
  A.   Rose Bowl
  B.   Pineapple Bowl
  C.   Orange Bowl
  D.   Gator Bowl

5. What is the name of the club the gang hangs out at and later invests in?
  A.   The Winners Circle
  B.   First and TEN
  C.   The Touchdown Club
  D.   The Coach's Corner

6. What career does Hayden's daughter Kelly pursue ?
  A.   modeling
  B.   acting
  C.   teaching
  D.   writing

7. What prize posession of Hayden's does Christine sell at a garage sale?
  A.   pair of shoes once owned by Johnny Unitas
  B.   a Heisman Trophy
  C.   a Super Bowl Ring
  D.   his college football jersey

8. Dauber's girlfriend is also a coach, what sport does she coach?
  A.   women's tennis
  B.   womens basketball
  C.   women's bowling
  D.   women's golf

9. Who at one point tries to move next door to Coach Fox, much to his dismay?
  A.   Christine
  B.   Dauber
  C.   Luther
  D.   Howard Burleigh

10. What is the name of Hayden and Christine's child?
  A.   Luther
  B.   Hayden Jr.
  C.   Stuart
  D.   Tim®   

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