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Trivia Quiz - Jesse James: The Outlaw

This is about one of my and my father's favorite historical figures, Jesse James. A great trivia quiz about the personal life and "career" of Jesse James!

Quiz Number: 1272
Date Submitted: May 30, 2007
Quiz Categories: American History, Old West Lawmen & Outlaws
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: scarlettem
Average Score: 62.9 percent
Times Taken: 7,418 times
Taken by Registered Users: 47
Quiz is about: Jesse James

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Jesse James The Outlaw

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1. What was Jesse's middle name?
  A.   Woodrow
  B.   Woodson
  C.   Woolworth
  D.   Weaver

2. Jesse James was murdered on April 3, 1882. Who killed him?
  A.   Robert Ford
  B.   Bob Younger
  C.   Matthew Dillon
  D.   Ed O'Kelly

3. What was Jesse's James wife's name?
  A.   Anna Ralston
  B.   Zerelda "Zee" Mimms
  C.   Zerelda Elizabeth Cole
  D.   Belle Starr

4. During the Civil War who did Jesse James ride with?
  A.   William Quantrill
  B.   Stonewall Jackson
  C.   Gen. Grant
  D.   J.E.B. Stuart

5. In what state was Jesse James born?
  A.   West Virginia
  B.   Kentucky
  C.   Missouri
  D.   Tennessee

6. Jesse was going by what name at the time of his murder?
  A.   Tom Howard
  B.   BJ Woodson
  C.   John W. Davis
  D.   Stephen B. Elkins

7. Jesse and his brother Frank James rode with who?
  A.   Jim Cole and Bob Younger
  B.   Frank and Jack Dalton
  C.   Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
  D.   Ike and Billy Clanton

8. The gang to which Jesse James belonged is credited with what?
  A.   robbing the most banks of any gang in history
  B.   the first daylight bank robbery in history
  C.   being the least succussful bank robbers ever
  D.   being the clumsiest gang ever

9. Jesse James' gang's most infamous crime took place where?
  A.   Hunnington, West Virginia
  B.   Louisville, Kentucky
  C.   Northfield, Minnesota
  D.   Sulligent , Alabama

10. How old was Jesse James when he died?
  A.   37
  B.   52
  C.   48
  D.   34®   

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