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Trivia Quiz - Top Gun Movie Tidbits

Some fun trivia about this "macho" film. "Top Gun" rocks!

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Date Submitted: June 13, 2007
Quiz Categories: Drama Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: tazzytina
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Top Gun Movie Tidbits
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1. What is Pete Mitchell's call sign?
  A.   Goose
  B.   Iceman
  C.   Maverick
  D.   Merlin

2. Which pilot was killed when he ejected from the plane after the starboard engine flamed out induced by flying through Iceman's jet wash?
  A.   Maverick
  B.   Goose
  C.   Merlin
  D.   Slider

3. What song did Maverick, Goose and Goose's family sing in the bar together?
  A.   I Love Rock and Roll
  B.   Twist and Shout
  C.   Great Balls of Fire
  D.   You've lost that Lovin' Feelin'

4. Where was the Top Gun Naval Flying School located?
  A.   Mirimar CA
  B.   Miami FL
  C.   Dallas TX
  D.   Vancouver WA

5. What song does Maverick sing to Charlie in a bar to get her attention?
  A.   Baby Come Back
  B.   You've lost that Lovin' Feelin
  C.   Stand By Me
  D.   Under The Boardwalk

6. Why is Maverick able to go to Top Gun instead of someone else?
  A.   His wingman is killed in combat
  B.   His test scores were better than the other pilots
  C.   He knew the head instructor
  D.   His wingman turns in his wing because he is outflown

7. What is the name of Maverick's plane?
  A.   Ghost Rider
  B.   Iceman
  C.   Wings of Gold
  D.   Viper

8. When Maverick does a flyby past the air traffic control tower, after he is told not to, what happens to the air boss?
  A.   He trips on a chair
  B.   He spills coffee on his uniform
  C.   He tries to punch Maverick
  D.   He challenges him to a flying contest

9. Whose father was a fighter pilot in Vietnam?
  A.   Goose
  B.   Iceman
  C.   Slider
  D.   Maverick

10. Which pilot won the Top Gun award?
  A.   Maverick
  B.   Iceman
  C.   Jester
  D.   Hollywood®   

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