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Trivia Quiz - News Anchors - #1

See what you know about news anchors!

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1. What American news anchor was born in Canada?
  A.   Peter Jennings
  B.   Dan Rather
  C.   Connie Chung
  D.   Matt Lauer

2. Connie Chung is married to:
  A.   Jerry Springer
  B.   Dan Rather
  C.   Peter Jennings
  D.   Maury Povich

3. What anchor was often called, according to viewer opinion polls, "the most trusted man in America."
  A.   Dan Rather
  B.   Chet Huntley
  C.   David Brinkley
  D.   Walter Cronkite

4. Who teamed up with Mike Wallace in 1968 to start the "60 Minute" series?
  A.   Harry Reasoner
  B.   Mike Wallace
  C.   Howard K. Smith
  D.   Frank Reynolds

5. Who was the first black news anchor in the country, seving as cohost of ABC World News Tonight, starting in 1978
  A.   Max Robinson
  B.   Diana Lewis
  C.   John Chancellor
  D.   Ed Bradley

6. Chet Huntley and David Brinkley replaced whom as NBC co-anchors in 1956?
  A.   Jess Marlow
  B.   Howard Cosell
  C.   Walter Cronkite
  D.   John Cameron Swayze

7. Who was the first woman to co-anchor a major network's national news broadcast?
  A.   Elizabeth Vargus
  B.   Deborah Norville
  C.   Barbara Walters
  D.   Connie Chung

8. In 2000, this news anchor conducted the first television interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin:
  A.   Tom Brokaw
  B.   Dan Rather
  C.   Peter Jennings
  D.   Paula Zahn

9. On 60 Minutes on September 8, 2004, this news anchor went public with a series of documents concerning President George W. Bush's Air National Guard service record, which purported to indicate that Lt. Col. Jerry B. Killian declared Bush unfit for flight
  A.   Elizabeth Vargus
  B.   Dan Rather
  C.   Peter Jennings
  D.   Ted Koppell

10. Who always ended his news broadcast by saying, "and that's the way it is."
  A.   Dan Rather
  B.   John Chancellor
  C.   Walter Cronkite
  D.   Harry Reasoner®   

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