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Trivia Quiz - Airwolf: The TV Series

Did you like this 80's drama, what can you remember about "Airwolf"?

Quiz Number: 1365
Date Submitted: June 28, 2007
Quiz Categories: American TV Dramas
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: tazzytina
Average Score: 79.5 percent
Times Taken: 183 times
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Airwolf The TV Series
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1. What type of Aircraft was Airwolf ?
  A.   Jet fighter
  B.   a helicopter
  C.   a passenger jet
  D.   a stealth bomber

2. Who hired Hawke to take back Airwolf from its creator Doctor Moffet ?
  A.   FBI
  B.   the Firm
  C.   KGB
  D.   Secret Service

3. Where did Hawke and Dominic hide Airwolf ?
  A.   in an abondoned warehouse
  B.   in a cave
  C.   in a volcano
  D.   at a military base

4. Hawke played an instrument, what was it?
  A.   violin
  B.   viola
  C.   guitar
  D.   cello

5. Hawke had a very strange first name, what was it ?
  A.   Fellowstring
  B.   Stringman
  C.   Stringfellow
  D.   Strings

6. Hawke had a dog, what was his name ?
  A.   Toto
  B.   Tet
  C.   Timmy
  D.   Tilly

7. Hawke completed mission for the US government on one condition, what was it ?
  A.   They pay him a million dollars
  B.   he received immunity
  C.   They help him find his MIA brother St John
  D.   they let him keep Airwolf

8. What was the name of the backup pilot for Airwolf ?
  A.   Charles Henry Moffet
  B.   Michael Coldsmith Briggs
  C.   Caitlin O'Shannessey
  D.   Dominic Santini

9. What was the code name of the deputy director of the CIA ?
  A.   Fallen Angel
  B.   Agent Angel
  C.   Atomic Angel
  D.   Archangel

10. Who plays Hawke's mentor Dominic Santini ?
  A.   Jan MIchael Vincent
  B.   Alex Cord
  C.   Ernest Borgnine
  D.   Barry Van Dyke®   

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