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Trivia Quiz - TV Characters with Special Powers

You never knew what some of these TV characters would do next when they used their special powers and talents. When given the name of the TV show, can you identify the actor who played the main character?

Quiz Number: 1457
Date Submitted: July 15, 2007
Quiz Categories: TV, Radio & Stage, Animated TV Series & Cartoons
Quiz Type: People Quiz
Author: lmcubs
Average Score: 85.7 percent
Times Taken: 272 times
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TV Characters with Special Powers
(Image Source: Superman)

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1. Who played "Wonder Woman?"
  A.   Goldie Hawn
  B.   Yvonne Craig
  C.   Lynda Carter
  D.   Kate Jackson

2. What actress played "The Bionic Woman?"
  A.   Jaclyn Smith
  B.   Donna Douglas
  C.   Katie Ford
  D.   Lindsay Wagner

3. Who played "Superman" during the 1950s?
  A.   George Reeves
  B.   Bill Bixby
  C.   Michael Landon
  D.   James Franciscus

4. Name the actor who played "The Six Million Dollar Man?"
  A.   William Shatner
  B.   Lee Majors
  C.   David Hasselhoff
  D.   Wayne Rogers

5. Who wiggled her nose in the sitcom "Bewitched?"
  A.   Barbara Eden
  B.   Meredith MacRae
  C.   Ann Southern
  D.   Elizabeth Montgomery

6. Which actress could not show her navel in "I Dream of Jeannie?"
  A.   Barbara Eden
  B.   Bea Benadaret
  C.   Goldie Hawn
  D.   Elizabeth Montgomery

7. Who played "My Favorite Martian?"
  A.   Dick Martin
  B.   Alan Lane
  C.   Ray Walston
  D.   George Peppard

8. Who was the Nanny in "Nanny and the Professor?"
  A.   Mary Tyler Moore
  B.   Juliet Mills
  C.   Inger Stevens
  D.   Julie Andrews

9. Who played "The Girl with Something Extra?"
  A.   Lindsay Wagner
  B.   Farrah Fawcett
  C.   Lynda Carter
  D.   Sally Field

10. Although some may argue the true star was the car, who played "Knight Rider?"
  A.   David Hasselhoff
  B.   Bill Bixby
  C.   Wayne Rogers
  D.   DeForrest Kelly®   

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