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Trivia Quiz - Female Sitcom Stars of the 1980s

Can you name the actress who played these sitcom characters in the 1980s?

Quiz Number: 1522
Date Submitted: August 18, 2007
Quiz Categories: American TV Sitcoms
Quiz Type: People Quiz
Author: lmcubs
Average Score: 85 percent
Times Taken: 402 times
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Female Sitcom Stars of the 1980s
(Image Source: Loretta Swit)

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1. Who played Maggie Seaver?
  A.   Kristie MacNichol
  B.   Susan Dey
  C.   Joanna Kerns
  D.   Markie Post

2. Who played Elyse Keaton?
  A.   Meredith Baxter
  B.   Barbara Rhodes
  C.   Rue McClanahan
  D.   Valerie Bertinelli

3. Who played Norma Arnold?
  A.   Kirstie Alley
  B.   Suzanne Somers
  C.   Alley Mills
  D.   Audra Lindley

4. Who played Clare Huxtable?
  A.   Phylicia Rashad
  B.   Debbie Allen
  C.   Joanna Kerns
  D.   Katie Sagal

5. Who played Christine Sullivan?
  A.   Sally Struthers
  B.   Christina Applegate
  C.   Priscilla Barnes
  D.   Markie Post

6. Who played Diane Chambers?
  A.   Victoria Principal
  B.   Shelly Long
  C.   Sally Struthers
  D.   Meg Ryan

7. Who played Janet Wood?
  A.   Meredith Baxter
  B.   Joyce DeWitt
  C.   Jenilee Harrison
  D.   Bea Arthur

8. Who played Peg Bundy?
  A.   Carol Burnett
  B.   Phylicia Rashad
  C.   Katey Sagal
  D.   Linda Kaye Henning

9. Who played Rose Nylund?
  A.   Mary Tyler Moore
  B.   Valerie Harper
  C.   Cloris Leachman
  D.   Betty White

10. Who played Rebecca Howe?
  A.   Shelly Long
  B.   Kirstie Alley
  C.   Alley Mills
  D.   Markie Post®   

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