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Trivia Quiz - William Shatner - A True Working Actor

This actor has been around for quite a long time. What do you know about his career?

Quiz Number: 1678
Date Submitted: October 14, 2007
Quiz Categories: Star Trek, Television Stars
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: lmcubs
Average Score: 63.1 percent
Times Taken: 206 times
Taken by Registered Users: 26
Quiz is about: William Shatner

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William Shatner  A True Working Actor
(Image Source: William Shatner @ Wikipedia Commons)

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1. In 1959, William Shatner played an airplane passenger who isn't sure what he really sees outside his window. In what series was this?
  A.   "Twilight Zone"
  B.   "The Outer Limits"
  C.   "Alfred Hitchcock Presents"
  D.   "Time Tunnel"

2. In "Star Trek," what character did Shatner play?
  A.   Leonard McCoy
  B.   Jim Kirk
  C.   Jean Luc Picard
  D.   Jonathon Archer

3. What was William Shatner's profession in "T J Hooker?"
  A.   lawyer
  B.   doctor
  C.   police officer
  D.   artist

4. In the TV mini-series "The Bastard," what historical figure did William Shatner portray?
  A.   Benjamin Franklin
  B.   Paul Revere
  C.   John Adams
  D.   Samuel Adams

5. In "Boston Legal," what is the name of William Shatner's character?
  A.   Douglas Edward
  B.   Jackson Field
  C.   George Poole
  D.   Denny Crane

6. Name Shatner's character in the movie "Miss Congeniality."
  A.   Stan Fields
  B.   Bob Patterson
  C.   Bo Phillips
  D.   Steve Jefferson

7. Who was Shatner's co-star in both "Miss Congeniality" and "Boston Legal?"
  A.   James Spader
  B.   John Larroquette
  C.   Candice Bergen
  D.   Rene Auberjonois

8. For which film did William Shatner write the story?
  A.   "Star Trek II"
  B.   "Star Trek III"
  C.   "Star Trek IV"
  D.   "Star Trek V"

9. Which country music video did William Shatner appear as a "Simon Cowell-type" character?
  A.   Trace Adkins "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk"
  B.   Brad Paisley "Celebrity"
  C.   Kenny Chesney "Summertime"
  D.   George Strait "Check Yes or No"

10. In May 2003, which William Shatner recording was named "worst massacre of a Beatles song?"
  A.   "Yesterday"
  B.   "All my Lovin"
  C.   "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"
  D.   "Hey Jude"®   

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