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Trivia Quiz - Movie Character Title Role Match Game

Choose the actor who portrayed the title role in the movies named after them. -GrantBeagle

Quiz Number: 1752
Date Submitted: November 09, 2007
Quiz Categories: Movie Stars' Movie Characters
Quiz Type: People Quiz
Author: GrantBeagle
Average Score: 72.2 percent
Times Taken: 130 times
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Movie Character Title Role Match Game
(Image Source: John Wayne)

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1. Who was "Indiana Jones" in the Trilogy?
  A.   River Phoenix
  B.   Sean Patrick Flanery
  C.   Sean Connery
  D.   Harrison Ford

2. In the movie "Antwon Fisher," who played the troubled sailor?
  A.   Malcolm David Kelly
  B.   Derek Luke
  C.   Cory Hodges
  D.   Denzel Washington

3. "Simon Birch" is a great little movie. Who played the title role?
  A.   Ian Michael Smith
  B.   Joseph Mazzello
  C.   Oliver Platt
  D.   Jim Carrey

4. "Erin Brockovich" is an amazing true story. Who was the leading actress in the film?
  A.   Conchata Ferrell
  B.   Albert Finney
  C.   Julia Roberts
  D.   Julia The Waitress

5. All these actors played Bobby Jones at different points in his life in the film "Stroke of a Genius." Who was the lead actor who played him during the prime of his life and playing career?
  A.   James Caviezel
  B.   Brett Rice
  C.   Bubba Lewis
  D.   Devon Gearhart

6. Who had the title role in the movie "Ray" about the singer Ray Charles?
  A.   CJ Sanders
  B.   Jamie Foxx
  C.   Curtis Armstrong
  D.   Lorenz Tate

7. Who played "Hitch" in the movie of the same name?
  A.   Will Smith
  B.   Kevin James
  C.   Michael Rapaport
  D.   Adam Arkin

8. In the great western remake of "Maverick," who was the cunning gambler?
  A.   James Garner
  B.   Mel Gibson
  C.   Graham Greene
  D.   James Coburn

9. All these actors were in "Forrest Gump" but who played the leading role?
  A.   Gary Sinise
  B.   Michael Conner Humpheries
  C.   Tom Hanks
  D.   Harley Joel Osment

10. All the actors were cast in "Saving Private Ryan" but who had the title role?
  A.   Tom Hanks
  B.   Tom Sizemore
  C.   Edward Burns
  D.   Matt Damon®   

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