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Trivia Quiz - Rush: Canadian Power Trio #2

A challenging quiz about Canada's premier power trio.

Quiz Number: 1854
Date Submitted: December 06, 2007
Quiz Categories: Rush
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: thomdak
Average Score: 60 percent
Times Taken: 159 times
Taken by Registered Users: 4

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Rush Canadian Power Trio 2
(Image Source: Rush Self-Titled First Album)

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1. What is Geddy Lee's real name?
  A.   Gary Lee Weintraub
  B.   Gary Lee Birnbaum
  C.   Gary Lee Weinrib
  D.   Gary Lee Greenbaum

2. What guitar did Geddy record the album "Rush" with?
  A.   Fender Precision
  B.   Fender Jazz
  C.   Rickenbacker 4001
  D.   Gibson Thunderbird

3. Who was Rush's first manager?
  A.   Ray Cooper
  B.   Lindy Young
  C.   Terry Brown
  D.   Ray Danniels

4. With what band did Rush record "Battlescar", during the sessions for "Moving Pictures"?
  A.   Triumph
  B.   Max Webster
  C.   Klaatu
  D.   Camel

5. Who is the long-time Rush friend who occasionally provided piano tracks on select singles, such as on "Different Strings"?
  A.   Allan Weinrib
  B.   Terry Brown
  C.   Rick Wakeman
  D.   Hugh Syme

6. Who co-wrote the lyrics for "Tom Sawyer" (with Neil Peart)?
  A.   Ayn Rand
  B.   Pye DuBois
  C.   John Rutsey
  D.   Kim Mitchell

7. Which song was the band's first release to garner positive commercial feedback? hint: it was picked up by radio station WMMS in Cleveland in 1974.
  A.   Finding My Way
  B.   Working Man
  C.   In the Mood
  D.   What You're Doing

8. What make of drum kit did Neil use when he first recorded with Rush?
  A.   Pearl
  B.   Tama
  C.   Gretsch
  D.   Slingerland

9. Who slayed "The Necromancer"?
  A.   Tom Sawyer
  B.   By-tor
  C.   Snow Dog
  D.   Priests of the Temple

10. Who is Broon (of "Broon's Bane" fame)?
  A.   Ray Danniels
  B.   John Rutsey
  C.   Alex Lifeson
  D.   Terry Brown®   

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