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Trivia Quiz - John Adams: 2nd U.S. President

How much do you know about the first U.S. vice president and second president?

Quiz Number: 1865
Date Submitted: December 10, 2007
Quiz Categories: American Presidents, World Leaders, American Founding Fathers
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: tristan
Average Score: 65.6 percent
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Taken by Registered Users: 26
Quiz is about: John Adams

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John Adams 2nd U.S. President
(Image Source: The White House)

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1. John Adams attended what university?
  A.   Columbia
  B.   Princeton
  C.   Yale
  D.   Harvard

2. Adams first rose to prominence in 1765 as an opponent of what?
  A.   The Intolerable Acts
  B.   The Alien and Sedition Acts
  C.   The Stamp Act of 1765
  D.   The Tea Act

3. How was John Adams affiliated with the Boston Massacre of 1770?
  A.   his brother was injured in the shooting
  B.   he prosecuted the British soldiers accused in the killings
  C.   he defended the British soldiers accused in the killings
  D.   he was part of the crowd that was shot at but was not injured

4. To what assembly did Massachusetts send John Adams in 1775?
  A.   Independence Meetings
  B.   Consitutional Congress
  C.   First Continental Congress
  D.   Second Continental Congress

5. One of the best known Adams' quotes had to do with his feelings on the office of the vice presidency. Which of the following is the quote?
  A.   "This is the most unimportant position human ever made."
  B.   "This position is one that only a young man can keep up with.
  C.   "This is the most challenging position I've ever held."
  D.   "My only hope is to end this agony by serving my full term."

6. During the presidential campaign of 1796 Adams was the presidential candidate of what political party?
  A.   Democrat-Republican
  B.   Whig
  C.   Federalist
  D.   no party affiliation

7. Which of the following did not happen during John Adams' presidency?
  A.   built up the U.S. Navy
  B.   fought the Quasi War with France
  C.   signed the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798
  D.   the United States doubled in size via the Lousiana Purchase

8. Who served as vice president under John Adams from 1797-1801?
  A.   Alexander Hamilton
  B.   James Monroe
  C.   James Madison
  D.   Thomas Jefferson

9. Who defeated John Adams in the presidential election of 1800?
  A.   Alexander Hamilton
  B.   James Monroe
  C.   James Madison
  D.   Thomas Jefferson

10. Who was John Adam's famous son who eventually became the sixth President of the United States?
  A.   John Quincy Adams
  B.   Samuel Adams
  C.   Thomas Boylston Adams
  D.   Don Adams®   

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