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Trivia Quiz - Rich Little's A Christmas Carol

Rich Little played all the characters in this version of a Christmas Carol. Match the character with the celebrity he impersonated.

Quiz Number: 1879
Date Submitted: December 12, 2007
Quiz Categories: Christmas Movies
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: LittleLady
Average Score: 61.9 percent
Times Taken: 31 times
Taken by Registered Users: 7

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Rich Littles A Christmas Carol
(Image Source: Rich Little's)

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1. Scrooge was portrayed as which celebrity?
  A.   W.C. Fields
  B.   John Wayne
  C.   Groucho Marx
  D.   Humphrey Bogart

2. What character was Paul Lynde?
  A.   Scrooge
  B.   Jacob Marley's ghost
  C.   Bob Cratchit
  D.   Ghost of Christmas Present

3. Mr. Fezziwig was which celebrity?
  A.   Dean Martin
  B.   Truman Capote
  C.   Richard Nixon
  D.   Groucho Marx

4. The Ghost of Christmas Past was which celebrity?
  A.   Johnny Carson
  B.   Humphrey Bogart
  C.   Paul Lynde
  D.   Truman Capote

5. The part of Jacob Marley was which celebrity?
  A.   Richard Nixon
  B.   Humphrey Bogart
  C.   Truman Capote
  D.   Dean Martin

6. What character was Truman Capote?
  A.   Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come
  B.   Tiny Tim
  C.   Scrooge
  D.   Nephew Freddy

7. The character of Mrs. Cratchit was what celebrity?
  A.   Jean Stapleton
  B.   Maureen Stapleton
  C.   Carol Channing
  D.   Dolly Parton

8. What character was The Ghost of Christmas Present?
  A.   Dean Martin
  B.   Truman Capote
  C.   Johnny Carson
  D.   Peter Falk

9. The men collecting for the poor were what comedy team?
  A.   Abbott and Costello
  B.   The Marx Brothers
  C.   Laurel and Hardy
  D.   Martin and Lewis

10. What character was Johnny Carson?
  A.   Nephew Freddy
  B.   Tiny Tim
  C.   Jacob Marley's ghost
  D.   Mr. Fezziwig®   

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