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Trivia Quiz - Led Zeppelin: The Later Years (1975-1980)

Led Zeppelin still rules!

Quiz Number: 2137
Date Submitted: February 15, 2008
Quiz Categories: Progressive Rock
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bill
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Led Zeppelin The Later Years (1975 1980)
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1. In August 1975, Robert Plant and his wife Maureen were involved in a serious car crash while on holiday in what country?
  A.   Australia
  B.   France
  C.   Greece
  D.   United States

2. Which of the following songs from the 1976 album, "Presence" was originally a 1920s gospel/blues song recorded by Blind Willie Johnson?
  A.   Nobody's Fault But Mine
  B.   Royal Orleans
  C.   Candy Store Rock
  D.   Tea for One

3. "Presence" was recorded during a 17-day period at Musicland Studios in Munich, GE. The band rushed the recordings because another popular band was waiting to use the studio. What band was waiting?
  A.   UFO
  B.   The Kinks
  C.   Aerosmith
  D.   The Rolling Stones

4. The 1976 concert film, "The Song Remains the Same," was recorded during three nights of concerts in 1973 at what arena?
  A.   Royal Albert Hall in London, England
  B.   Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia
  C.   Madison Square Garden in New York City
  D.   Massey Hall in Toronto, Canada

5. Several out-of-concert "fantasy sequences" were shot for the 1976 film "The Song Remains the Same." Whose fantasy sequence involved climbing up the face of a snow capped mountain?
  A.   John Paul Jones
  B.   Jimmy Page
  C.   John Bonham
  D.   Robert Plant

6. On June 3, 1977 a severe thunderstorm cut the Led Zeppelin concert short at Tampa Stadium. What happened after the concert ended?
  A.   the wind knocked over part of the stage, resulting in several injuries
  B.   the rain water shorted some of the equipment, resulting in a fire
  C.   the players partied with members of the audience
  D.   a riot ensued

7. There was only one band member who did not have any writing credits on the 1979 album, "In Through the Out Door." Who was he?
  A.   John Bonham
  B.   John Paul Jones
  C.   Jimmy Page
  D.   Robert Plant

8. The album cover of the 1979 album, "In Through the Out Door" depicts a picture of a man on the cover. The man is seated at a bar doing what?
  A.   shaving his face
  B.   tossing paper wads in a waste basket
  C.   he is passed out
  D.   burning a "Dear John" letter

9. During a concert on June 27, 1979, in Nuremberg, Germany, the concert came to an abrupt end in the middle of the third song when one of the band memebers collapsed on stage. Who was it?
  A.   John Bonham
  B.   John Paul Jones
  C.   Jimmy Page
  D.   Robert Plant

10. How old was John Bonham when died in 1980?
  A.   29
  B.   32
  C.   35
  D.   38®   

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