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Trivia Quiz - Law and Order: Character Backstories

Each of the characters on "Law and Order" has a backstory created by the producer and/or the actor playing that character. These questions relate to the personal lives of L&O characters.

Quiz Number: 2342
Date Submitted: April 11, 2008
Quiz Categories: American TV Dramas
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: Samurai Sam
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Law and Order Character Backstories
(Image Source: Law and Order @ CrazyAboutTV)

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1. Which Law and Order detective had a wife who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis?
  A.   Joe Fontana
  B.   Lennie Briscoe
  C.   Rey Curtis
  D.   Mike Logan

2. Which of the following Law and Order detectives was shot in the line of duty?
  A.   Mike Logan
  B.   Cyrus Lupo
  C.   Eddie Green
  D.   Nina Cassady

3. Which Law and Order character has been on the show the longest time?
  A.   Jack McCoy
  B.   Anita Van Buren
  C.   Adam Schiff
  D.   Lennie Briscoe

4. Which Assistant District Attorney was the victim of a date rape in law school?
  A.   Serena Southerlyn
  B.   Jamie Ross
  C.   Claire Kincaid
  D.   Abbie Carmichael

5. Under what circumstances did Assistant District Attorney Alexandra Borgia leave Law and Order?
  A.   She was killed by a drunk driver
  B.   She accepted a job offer from the U.S. Attorney's office
  C.   She was fired
  D.   She was kidnapped and murdered by a criminal she was prosecuting

6. Which of the following Assistant District Attorneys has NOT been brought before the bar association on ethics violations?
  A.   Paul Robinette
  B.   Jack McCoy
  C.   Jamie Ross
  D.   Serena Southerlyn

7. Which Assistant District Attorney went on to become a judge?
  A.   Ben Stone
  B.   Michael Cutter
  C.   Jamie Ross
  D.   Alexandra Borgia

8. Which Law and Order detective joined the show's cast because of his involvement in investigating his brother's suicide?
  A.   Eddie Green
  B.   Joe Fontana
  C.   Max Greevey
  D.   Cyrus Lupo

9. Which Law and Order District Attorney left the show to prosecute Nazi war criminals?
  A.   Adam Schiff
  B.   Nora Lewin
  C.   Arthur Branch
  D.   Jack McCoy

10. Which of the following Assistant District Attorneys has been featured on a later show as a defense attorney after leaving the DA's office?
  A.   Claire Kincaid
  B.   Paul Robinette
  C.   Abbie Carmichael
  D.   Connie Rubirosa®   

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