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Trivia Quiz - Early Television Shows & Their Sponsors

In the early days of television, programs were sponsored by one company or product (sometimes two). Very often the characters in the show appeared in some of the commercials. Today only a few soap operas continue to follow this practice.

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Date Submitted: April 14, 2008
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Author: Samurai Sam
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Early Television Shows  Their Sponsors
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1. Throughout its run on network television, "The Lawrence Welk Show" was primarily sponsored by one product, which was said to contain "twice the iron in a pound of calves' liver" (yuck)! What was that product?
  A.   Femiron
  B.   One a Day Vitamins
  C.   Fletcher's Castoria
  D.   Geritol

2. Which car maker sponsored "Bonanza" during its run on NBC?
  A.   Chevrolet
  B.   Ford
  C.   Pontiac
  D.   Plymouth

3. Which of the following shows was NOT sponsored by Kellogg's Cereals?
  A.   The Monkees
  B.   The Beverly Hillbillies
  C.   Yogi Bear
  D.   The Andy Griffith Show

4. In the early days of "I Love Lucy," a minor controversy erupted when this cigarette company, which sponsored the show, discovered that Lucille Ball smoked one of its competitors. What was the company?
  A.   R.J. Reynolds
  B.   American Tobacco Company
  C.   Phillip Morris
  D.   Lorillard

5. What now defunct auto maker was the sole sponsor of "Mr. Ed?"
  A.   Hudson
  B.   Rambler
  C.   Studebaker
  D.   Oldsmobile

6. Nabisco was the sole sponsor for which of the following programs?
  A.   The Cisco Kid
  B.   The Lone Ranger
  C.   Hopalong Cassidy
  D.   Rin Tin Tin

7. "Captain Midnight" was sponsored by which of the following milk additives?
  A.   Bosco
  B.   Ovaltine
  C.   Nestle's Quik
  D.   Hershey's Syrup

8. When "I Love Lucy" went into a one hour format called "The Desilu Playhouse," what appliance manufacturer became its sponsor?
  A.   Westinghouse
  B.   General Electric
  C.   Whirlpool
  D.   Maytag

9. Ronald Reagan was the host of a 1950s television series called "Death Valley Days." Ronnie and his family did a number of commercials for its sponsor. What was the name of the sponsor?
  A.   Procter & Gamble
  B.   Lever Brothers
  C.   American Brands
  D.   U.S. Borax

10. Texaco was the sponsor of which comedian's Tuesday night comedy show in the early 1950s?
  A.   Milton Berle
  B.   Groucho Marx
  C.   Red Skelton
  D.   Jackie Gleason®   

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