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Trivia Quiz - TV Series' Locations

These questions involve cities in which television shows were based or which figured prominently in the plot.

Quiz Number: 2467
Date Submitted: April 27, 2008
Quiz Categories: American TV Sitcoms, American TV Dramas
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: Samurai Sam
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TV Series Locations
(Image Source: Walton's Mountain Museum)

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1. Which 80s sitcom was originally set in Des Moines, Iowa but changed to New York in effort to improve its ratings?
  A.   Free Spirit
  B.   I Married Dora
  C.   Double Trouble
  D.   Check it Out

2. The 70s sitcom "One Day at a Time" was set in what city?
  A.   Ann Arbor, Michigan
  B.   Columbus, Ohio
  C.   Evanston, Illinois
  D.   Indianapolis, Indiana

3. Fernwood, Ohio was the setting for what 70s sitcom?
  A.   A Year at the Top
  B.   "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman"
  C.   The Baxters
  D.   All's Fair

4. Police Lieutenant Dan August, played by Burt Reynolds, investigated murders in what fictional California city?
  A.   Santa Louisa
  B.   Briar Rosa
  C.   Santa Rosa
  D.   Santa Lucia

5. In "The Fugitive", from what city and state were Dr. Richard Kimble and Police Lieutenant Philip Gerard?
  A.   Hanover, Indiana
  B.   Stafford, Indiana
  C.   Frankfort, Indiana
  D.   Central City, Indiana

6. In the 70s drama "Apple's Way", the Apple family moved from Los Angeles to settle down in what fictional Iowa town?
  A.   Appleton
  B.   Cedar Bluffs
  C.   Pleasant Grove
  D.   Meadowdale

7. Which of the following shows was NOT set in a town called Springfield?
  A.   The Simpsons
  B.   Father Knows Best
  C.   The Guiding Light
  D.   I Married Joan

8. Rocky and Bullwinkle were from what fictional Minnesota city?
  A.   Gangrene Gap
  B.   Strep Stream
  C.   Frostbite Falls
  D.   Rabies River

9. The 1960s western drama "The Big Valley" was set in what town?
  A.   North Fork, Nevada
  B.   Stockton, California
  C.   Durango, Colorado
  D.   Mesa Grande, Arizona

10. Now for a really tough one. Based on the hometowns of all the characters in "M.A.S.H.", which two lived the closest to each other?
  A.   Hawkeye and Radar
  B.   B.J. and Hot Lips
  C.   Colonel Potter and Klinger
  D.   Henry Blake and Frank Burns®   

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