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Trivia Quiz - Second Hits After First Hits

This quiz is about the second efforts of recording artists after their first recording has become a hit. Some of these questions will be easy; others will be quite difficult.

Quiz Number: 2473
Date Submitted: April 27, 2008
Quiz Categories: Rock -n- Roll, Pop Music
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: Samurai Sam
Average Score: 40.8 percent
Times Taken: 84 times
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Second Hits After First Hits
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1. The Left Banke had a top 40 hit with "Walk Away Renee" in 1966. What was their second hit record?
  A.   Barterers and Their Wives
  B.   I've Got Something on My Mind
  C.   Pretty Ballerina
  D.   I Haven't Got the Nerve

2. The long awaited follow up to Boston's 1976 self-titled debut album was called what?
  A.   Don't Look Back
  B.   Stage Two
  C.   Boston II
  D.   Another Side

3. Tony Orlando and Dawn had a number one hit in 1971 with "Knock Three Times", but it was their second hit record. What was their first?
  A.   Tie a Yellow Ribbon Around the Old Oak Tree
  B.   Candida
  C.   I'll Sing & Dance for You
  D.   He Don't Love You Like I Love You

4. Burton Cummings, former lead singer of the Guess Who, hit number 10 on the U.S. charts in 1976 with "Stand Tall", his first solo U.S. hit. What was the title of his follow up single?
  A.   My Own Way to Rock
  B.   I'm Scared
  C.   Never Had a Lady Before
  D.   You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet

5. Mark Lindsay, formerly of Paul Revere & the Raiders, had a major solo hit with "Arizona" in 1969. What was the name of his second hit single?
  A.   Indian Reservation
  B.   Don't Take It So Hard
  C.   Kicks
  D.   Silverbird

6. The Raspberries hit number 5 on the U.S. pop charts with "Go All the Way" in 1972 but it was their second hit single. What was their first, which only made it up to number 86?
  A.   Don't Want to Say Goodbye
  B.   Let's Pretend
  C.   I Want to Be With You
  D.   Overnight Sensation

7. This English group's second U.S. hit was "Tell Her No" which made number 42 on the Hot 100 singles chart in 1964. What's the name of this group?
  A.   The Beatles
  B.   The Rolling Stones
  C.   The Zombies
  D.   The Who

8. "Subterranean Homesick Blues" was Bob Dylan's first hit single. What was his second?
  A.   Like a Rolling Stone
  B.   Positively 4th Street
  C.   Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
  D.   Can You Please Crawl Out of Your Window

9. Debby Boone's follow up to the 1977 number one hit "You Light Up My Life" didn't do quite as well, making it only as far as number 50. What was the name of this song?
  A.   God Knows
  B.   In Memory of Your Love
  C.   California
  D.   When You're Loved

10. His second hit album was titled, appropriately enough, "It Won't Be the Last". Who recorded it?
  A.   Billy Ray Cyrus
  B.   Travis Tritt
  C.   Phil Vassar
  D.   George Strait®   

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