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Trivia Quiz - Barney Miller: TV Sitcom Cop Show

A few questions about one of my favorite shows, Barney Miller! It was a great TV sitcom cop show!

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Date Submitted: June 02, 2008
Quiz Categories: American TV Sitcoms
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: 0zero0
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Barney Miller TV Sitcom Cop Show
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1. Most of the episodes of "Barney Miller" took place inside the police station. How many episodes showed scenes outside the station?
  A.   2
  B.   10
  C.   13
  D.   21

2. What was the release date for "Barney Miller"?
  A.   September 19, 1973
  B.   August 21, 1974
  C.   January 23, 1975
  D.   October 27, 1976

3. What did a sign on the wall behind the holding cell say?
  A.   "Absolutely No Profanity"
  B.   "Please Do Not Spit On The Floor"
  C.   "Sit Down and Stay A While"
  D.   "We Know....You Didn't Do It"

4. Which of the 12th Precinct detectives on "Barney Miller" was nearing retirement when the show began?
  A.   Wojo
  B.   Yemana
  C.   Fish
  D.   Levitt

5. What was the title of the original pilot of "Barney Miller"?
  A.   "Life and Times of Captain Barney Miller"
  B.   "Captain Miller"
  C.   "The 12th Precinct"
  D.   "Miller's Men"

6. Which detective of the 12th Precinct on "Barney Miller" was the aspiring writer?
  A.   Wojo
  B.   Harris
  C.   Dietrich
  D.   Levitt

7. Chief Inspector Franklin Luge on "Barney Miller", had a morbid nostalgia for the old days with his former partners. What were their names?
  A.   Fisher, Kemp and Black
  B.   Fargis, Kimble and Brannock
  C.   Foster, Kleiner and Brown
  D.   French, Knight and Bailey

8. On "Barney Miller", what was the name of the man brought in the station because he thought he was a werewolf?
  A.   Mr. Morrison
  B.   Mr. Brauer
  C.   Mr. Kopeckne
  D.   Mr. Driscoll

9. On "Barney Miller", what was Detective Phil Fish's wife's name?
  A.   Barbara
  B.   Betty
  C.   Bernice
  D.   Bunny

10. What was the name of the unprincipled attorney who regularly dropped by the 12th Precinct on "Barney Miller"?
  A.   Ray Brewer
  B.   Arnold Ripner
  C.   Arthur Duncan
  D.   Lyle W. Farber®   

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