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Trivia Quiz - ABBA: Their Albums and Songs

What do you know about the music of the Swedish pop group, ABBA? Mamma Mia we got ABBA trivia!

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Date Submitted: July 15, 2008
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Author: krystal
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ABBA Their Albums and Songs
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1. When the band released their first album, "Ring Ring," in 1973, they did not call themselves ABBA. What was name of the group as it was listed on their first album?
  A.   Four Hot Swedes
  B.   Swedish Sensations
  C.   The Four of Us
  D.   Bjorn & Benny, Agnetha & Frida

2. What popular American songwriter/musician helped ABBA translate the song "Ring Ring" into English?
  A.   Karen Carpenter
  B.   Neil Sedaka
  C.   Toni Tennille
  D.   Harry Chapin

3. What was the first ABBA single to appear on either of the US charts (Hot 100 or Adult Contemporary)?
  A.   Mamma Mia
  B.   SOS
  C.   Waterloo
  D.   Honey, Honey

4. On what studio album was the hit song "Mamma Mia" first released?
  A.   Waterloo
  B.   The Album
  C.   Arrival
  D.   ABBA

5. What was the first ABBA single to hit #1 on either US chart (Hot 100 or Adult Contemporary)?
  A.   Fernando
  B.   Mamma Mia
  C.   SOS
  D.   Dancing Queen

6. We all know that the "Dancing Queen" was "young and sweet" but how old was she?
  A.   15
  B.   16
  C.   17
  D.   18

7. On what studio album would one find the single, "Dancing Queen?"
  A.   Arrival
  B.   ABBA
  C.   The Album
  D.   Voulez-Vous

8. Which of the following songs was NOT one of the extra tracks added to the album "ABBA Live" when it was released on CD? Note: The LP only had 11 tracks, the CD had 14 tracks.
  A.   Money, Money, Money
  B.   The Name Of The Game/Eagle
  C.   On and On and On
  D.   SOS

9. What was the last ABBA single to hit #1 on either the US Hot 100 or US Adult Contemporary charts?
  A.   "Take a Chance on Me"
  B.   "Summer Night City"
  C.   "When All Is Said and Done"
  D.   The Winner Takes It All

10. What was the name of the last studio album that ABBA released? hint: the year was 1981.
  A.   Voulez-Vous
  B.   The Visitors
  C.   Super Trouper
  D.   The Album®   

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