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Trivia Quiz - Pablo Picasso: Unique Artist & Cubist Founder

Nice trivia quiz on the personal life, career and works of the ultimate artist of the twentieth century, Pablo Picasso.

Quiz Number: 2752
Date Submitted: July 21, 2008
Quiz Categories: Artists, Spanish History
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: bill
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Quiz is about: Pablo Picasso

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Pablo Picasso Unique Artist  Cubist Founder
(Image Source: Pablo Picasso @ Wikimedia)

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1. Picasso was a native of what country?
  A.   Italy
  B.   Portugal
  C.   Spain
  D.   Cyprus

2. Picasso received his formal artistic training from whom?
  A.   his mother
  B.   his father
  C.   from his college professors
  D.   his parish priest, who was an artist

3. Pablo Picasso was the father of how many children?
  A.   3
  B.   4
  C.   5
  D.   6

4. In 1955, Pablo Picasso made a cameo appearance in a film about his life. What was the film called?
  A.   The Life of Picasso
  B.   Pablo
  C.   A Man Named Picasso
  D.   The Mystery of Picasso

5. What is the first of the most commonly accepted periods in Picasso's work?
  A.   Analytic Cubism
  B.   African-influenced Period
  C.   Rose Period
  D.   Blue Period

6. Picasso was questioned by police under suspicion of stealing what famous painting from the Louvre in 1911?
  A.   The Coronation of Napoleon
  B.   Christ at the Column
  C.   The Wedding at Cana
  D.   Mona Lisa

7. Which of the following of Picasso's works is not part of Picasso's Rose Period?
  A.   Boy with a Dog
  B.   Boy with a Pipe
  C.   Portrait of Suzanne Bloch‎
  D.   The Girl with a Goat

8. What inspired Picasso's African-influenced Period?
  A.   His exposure to African artifacts
  B.   His visit to Africa
  C.   His extensive readings about Africa
  D.   His fascination with Africa as a boy

9. Analytic cubism is a style of painting Picasso developed along with whom?
  A.   Raoul Dufy
  B.   Alice Bailly
  C.   Charles Camoin
  D.   Georges Braque

10. The Museu Picasso, featuring many of Picasso’s early works, is located in what city?
  A.   Barcelona
  B.   Madrid
  C.   Paris
  D.   Lisbon®   

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