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Trivia Quiz - Alfred Hitchcock: Personal File

Some personal information about a brilliant director.

Quiz Number: 2807
Date Submitted: August 14, 2008
Quiz Categories: Drama Movies, Movie & TV Directors, Producers & Writers
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: phonerec
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Times Taken: 113 times
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Quiz is about: Alfred Hitchcock

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Alfred Hitchcock Personal File
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1. Where was Alfred Hitchcock born?
  A.   Ridgeway, England
  B.   Lancaster, England
  C.   Lextonstone, London England
  D.   Yorkshire, England

2. What did Mr. Hitchcock's father do for a living?
  A.   he was a cook
  B.   he was a longshoreman
  C.   he was a police officer
  D.   he was a greengrocer

3. What common food did Alfred Hitchcock hate?
  A.   eggs
  B.   milk
  C.   bread
  D.   butter

4. How would his mother punish young Alfred when he misbehaved?
  A.   spank him
  B.   make him stand at the foot of her bed for hours
  C.   make him do extra chores
  D.   made him sit in the corner

5. How much older was Alfred Hitchcock than his wife, Alma?
  A.   1 day
  B.   1 month
  C.   1 year
  D.   5 years

6. What is one common thing that Hitchcock never learned to do?
  A.   cook
  B.   drive
  C.   use the telephone
  D.   make a bed

7. What public servant did Hitchcock fear?
  A.   fire safety officers
  B.   street conductors
  C.   mail carriers
  D.   police officers

8. What was Hitchcock famous for doing in his movies?
  A.   yelling at the actors
  B.   having lavish meals catered
  C.   making cameo apperances
  D.   bringing his dog to the set

9. Walt Disney refused to allow Alfred Hitchcock to film at Disneyland in the early 1960s. Why?
  A.   because he was disgusted by the movie, "Pyscho"
  B.   he thought it would ruin the family environment of the park
  C.   he hated Hitchcock
  D.   Hitchcock refused to pay Disney's asking price

10. When finishing a cup of tea while on the set, Hitchcock would often non-discriminatingly do what with the cup?
  A.   toss the cup and saucer over his shoulder, letting it fall (or break) wherever it may
  B.   jokingly put it on his head
  C.   wear it on his finger like a ring
  D.   grind his teeth on the rim of the cup®   

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