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Trivia Quiz - John Quincy Adams: 6th U.S. President

The son of President, Adams is regarded as one of the greatest diplomats in American history. He learned his diplomacy skills from his father, John Adams!

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Date Submitted: August 19, 2008
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Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
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Quiz is about: John Adams

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John Quincy Adams 6th U.S. President

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1. Prior to becoming U.S. President, John Quincy Adams served as the U.S. Ambassador to several different countries. Adams served as ambassador to all of the following countries except:
  A.   The Netherlands
  B.   United Kingdom
  C.   Russia
  D.   Italy

2. As Secretary of State, John Q. Adams formulated what important doctrine?
  A.   The Monroe Doctrine
  B.   The Americas Doctrine
  C.   The Independence Doctrine
  D.   The Western Doctrine

3. John Q. Adams negotiated the Adams-Onís Treaty, an agreement which settled a border dispute between the United States and what country?
  A.   France
  B.   Mexico
  C.   Spain
  D.   Britain

4. During his presidency, John Q. Adams developed an economic plan consisting of a high tariff to support internal improvements. What was this system called?
  A.   The Internal Improvement System
  B.   The Adams System
  C.   The American System
  D.   System of Upheaval

5. What inland waterway was completed during the presidency of John Q. Adams?
  A.   Cape Cod Canal
  B.   The Erie Canal
  C.   Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway
  D.   Chesapeake and Ohio Canal

6. John Q. Adams and Henry Clay founded a new political party. What was it called?
  A.   Democratic-Republican Party
  B.   Whig Party
  C.   Anti-Masonic Party
  D.   National Republican Party

7. The goal of The Tariff of 1828 was to protect industry in the northern United States from competing European goods by increasing the prices of European products. By what other name was this tariff known?
  A.   Adams-Calhoun Tariff
  B.   Tariff of Abominations
  C.   Tariff Against the South
  D.   Tariff of Shames

8. John Q. Adams was the first American President to:
  A.   be married in the White House
  B.   be born after America became a country
  C.   live in The White House
  D.   have his picture taken

9. John Q. Adams was the first president to serve in what position after serving as U.S. President?
  A.   U.S. Representative
  B.   U.S. Senator
  C.   Speaker of the House
  D.   Governor

10. Some folks referred to John Q. Adams as:
  A.   Old Man Eloquent
  B.   Old Hickory
  C.   The Little Magician
  D.   Old Rough and Ready®   

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