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Trivia Quiz - Andrew Jackson: 7th U.S. President

Some trivia about the personal life and presidential term of Andrew Jackson, war hero and president.

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Date Submitted: September 03, 2008
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Quiz is about: Andrew Jackson

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Andrew Jackson 7th U.S. President
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1. Andrew Jackson was a United States Senator representing what state?
  A.   North Carolina
  B.   South Carolina
  C.   Tennessee
  D.   Florida

2. Andrew Jackson was the first territorial governor of what state?
  A.   North Carolina
  B.   South Carolina
  C.   Tennessee
  D.   Florida

3. As a revolutionary War prisoner, Jackson was slashed by a British officer with a sword, giving him scars on his left hand and head. The officer slashed him because Jackson refused to do what?
  A.   salute the officer
  B.   shine the officer's shoes
  C.   complete the cooking chores assigned to him
  D.   clean the camp to the officer's satisfaction

4. In 1804, Andrew Jackson purchased a 640-acre plantation in Tennessee. What was the name of the plantation?
  A.   Peacefield
  B.   Monticello
  C.   Mount Vernon
  D.   The Hermitage

5. The Presidential election of 1824 resulted in a 4-way stranglehold, with Jackson being one of the candidates. The election was determined by the Speaker of the House who cast the deciding vote for John Quincy Adams. Who was the Speaker of the House?
  A.   Henry Clay
  B.   William H. Crawford
  C.   John C. Calhoun
  D.   Martin Van Buren

6. Jackson was elected president in 1828, defeating John Quincy Adams. Jackson's inauguration was a first in what manner?
  A.   first president to invite the public to attend the White House ball honoring his first inauguration
  B.   first president to be inaugurated in January instead of March
  C.   first president to be inaugurated outside
  D.   first president not to take the oath on The Bible

7. Andrew Jackson sought to eliminate all of the following except:
  A.   Electoral College
  B.   National Bank
  C.   Spoils System
  D.   Federal Debt

8. Which of the following is true about Andrew Jackson's policy towards Native Americans?
  A.   he wanted to move all Native Americans out of America
  B.   he wanted to move the Native Americans south to Mexico
  C.   he wanted to relocate all Native Americans to the west of the Mississippi River
  D.   he supported free movement of Native Americans anywhere within America

9. Jackson shot and killed Charles Dickinson in a duel in 1806. Dickinson had upset Jackson about what?
  A.   a horse-racing debt and an insult to Jackson's wife
  B.   they were neighbors and had a dispute over their property lines
  C.   he insulted his children
  D.   he murdered some of his livestock

10. What was Andrew Jackson's nickname?
  A.   Old Man Eloquent
  B.   Old Hickory
  C.   The Little Magician
  D.   Old Rough and Ready®   

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