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Trivia Quiz - Arrested Development: Funny but Underappreciated Comedy

How much do you know about one of television's most revered yet underwatched comedies? I love Arrested Development!

Quiz Number: 2841
Date Submitted: September 21, 2008
Quiz Categories: American TV Sitcoms
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: Samurai Sam
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Arrested Development Funny but Underappreciated Comedy
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1. "Arrested Development" centered around the Bluth family, which operated what two businesses?
  A.   A steel mill and a theme park
  B.   A home building company and a frozen banana stand
  C.   A newspaper and a chain of used car lots
  D.   A plumbing supply company and an ice cream store

2. The oldest Bluth son was G.O.B. What did his initials stand for?
  A.   George Oscar Bluth
  B.   Gregory Odell Bluth
  C.   Gerald Owald Bluth
  D.   Gary Oliver Bluth

3. What two former stars of "Happy Days" played guest starring roles as Bluth family lawyers?
  A.   Tom Bosley and Henry Winkler
  B.   Henry Winkler and Scott Baio
  C.   Scott Baio and Tom Bosley
  D.   Anson Williams and Donny Most

4. What was the name of G.O.B.'s yacht, on which Michael and George Michael sailed away to Cabo on the series finale?
  A.   The Magician
  B.   The Banana Grabber
  C.   The C Word
  D.   The Funke Bluth

5. Which character lost a hand after getting it bitten off by a seal?
  A.   Michael
  B.   George Sr.
  C.   Buster
  D.   Maeby

6. Which character had a secret career as a Hollywood studio executive?
  A.   Maeby
  B.   Lucille
  C.   Lindsay
  D.   Tobias

7. Which of the Bluth children was revealed during the last season of Arrested Development to have been adopted?
  A.   Michael
  B.   Lindsay
  C.   G.O.B.
  D.   Buster

8. Which character's main form of transportation was a Segway?
  A.   George Sr.
  B.   Oscar
  C.   G.O.B.
  D.   Tobias

9. Tobias was originally a psychiatrist who lost his medical license for doing what?
  A.   Medicaid fraud.
  B.   Having sex with his patients
  C.   Alcoholism
  D.   Performing CPR on a person who didn't need it.

10. Which two characters tried to become members of the Blue Man Group?
  A.   Michael and Buster
  B.   Tobias and George Sr.
  C.   G.O.B. and Tobias
  D.   G.O.B. and George Sr.®   

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