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Trivia Quiz - 3rd Rock from the Sun is Hilarious!

3rd Rock from the Sun is hilarious! What do you know about it?

Quiz Number: 2860
Date Submitted: October 07, 2008
Quiz Categories: American TV Sitcoms
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: charles
Average Score: 83 percent
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3rd Rock from the Sun is Hilarious
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1. What is the name of the rarely-seen leader of the four extraterrestrial scientists sent to earth to study humans?
  A.   The Slimy Little Head
  B.   The Hairy Giant Head
  C.   The Big Brass Head
  D.   The Big Giant Head

2. Who is the the High Commander and leader of the expedition?
  A.   Dick Solomon
  B.   Sally Solomon
  C.   Harry Solomon
  D.   Tommy Solomon

3. Dick's chosen "human" occupation is college professor. In what area of study does he teach?
  A.   mathematics
  B.   anthropology
  C.   physics
  D.   astronomy

4. Sally is romantically involved with Don. What is Don's occupation?
  A.   postal worker
  B.   police officer
  C.   firefighter
  D.   electrician

5. What actress portrayed Dr. Mary Albright?
  A.   Lorraine newman
  B.   Jan Hooks
  C.   Kristen Johnston
  D.   Jane Curtin

6. What is Dr. Albright's secretary's name?
  A.   Lana
  B.   Nina
  C.   Laura
  D.   Dana

7. Who is Mrs. Dubcek?
  A.   The Solomons' dog
  B.   Tommy's homeroom teacher
  C.   The Solomons' neighbor
  D.   The Solomons' landlady

8. The Solomons believe that this food is an offshoot of a hostile, amorphous, carnivorous species they have often encountered, prompting them to go into hysterics whenever they see it served, attempting to destroy it.
  A.   cranberry sauce
  B.   ice cream
  C.   fudge
  D.   Jell-O

9. What is Sally's position?
  A.   high commander
  B.   security officer
  C.   communications officer
  D.   information officer

10. In what fictional college town does "3rd Rock from the Sun" take place?
  A.   Ulysses, OH
  B.   McKinley, OH
  C.   Rutherford, OH
  D.   Eberly, OH®   

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